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SEMA Cover Sheet Beginner’s Guide to High Search Engine Rankings Today’s Learning Objectives Learn what a search engine is and how they work How to differentiate between paid and organic search Absolute “musts” for high organic search engine rankings

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cover sheet


Cover Sheet

Beginner’s Guide to High

Search Engine Rankings

today s learning objectives
Today’s Learning Objectives
  • Learn what a search engine is and how they work
  • How to differentiate between paid and organic search
  • Absolute “musts” for high organic search engine rankings
  • Tools to help you obtain high search rankings
stay tuned
Stay Tuned!!!

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meet brian offenberger
Meet Brian Offenberger

Hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and profits, with complete P/L responsibilities ranging from single units doing $4 million in sales to multiple units with combined sales of nearly $500 million.

meet rss ray
Meet RSS Ray
  • RSS Ray a/k/a Brian Offenberger
  • “Online Marketing with RSS Ray” radio show
  • Professional certifications
  • Who we work for
what is a search engine
What Is A Search Engine?
  • A program written to make things easier to find on the web
  • Crawler based, people based, mixed and vertical
  • International, national, regional, local, specialty
  • Work based upon algorithm (rules)
how search engines work
How Search Engines Work
  • SE searches for documents containing specific keywords and returns that list of documents (content) to a database
  • Algorithms determine and rank the relevance of the returned data
  • Each engine has its own rules and the rules are constantly being refined-return the most relevant result to the search query
  • There are different algorithms used for organic and paid search
  • High rankings is a result of organizing and tagging information in such a way that search engines can index and categorize it
get your website indexed
Get Your Website Indexed
  • Make sure your website and its pages are indexed by the SE’s you need for success
  • Find out by going to any SE:


select your keywords
Select Your Keywords
  • Keywords are words and phrases that people use to find solutions to their needs and problems
  • Search Engines use keywords to find, classify and rank your web pages
keyword selection criteria
Keyword Selection Criteria
  • Relevance: How closely the search term matches the site’s products, services, and content. Generally, how relevant is the keyword to your business?
  • Specificity: How broad or specific a term is.
  • Popularity: How often the search term is searched for on major search engines. Being popular isn't the most important thing because it is usually more competitive and less specific.
  • Competitiveness: How many companies are pursuing the keyword? You can look at PPC bids to see how much is being spent on the keyword to see how competitive it is.
keyword selection tools
Keyword Selection Tools
  • Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  • Yahoo! Keyword Selector Tool (formerly Overture Suggest Tool)

  • Microsoft adCenter

  • Wordtracker

optimize your website content
Optimize Your Website Content
  • Make your content appealing to others
  • Use keywords in content
  • Update content frequently
follow the sempo 6
Follow the SEMPO 6
  • Unique Title meta tags should be used for each individual web page
  • Anchor text within hyperlinks on a web page can identify a keyword focus
  • A primary keyword supported by related keywords will establish context in each web page
  • Use of a text site map of all the site pages to reveal link structure helps the search engine find all relevant pages of the site
  • Valid and unique content is assigned high value by a search engine

6. A good linking strategy helps search engine indexing and ranking for target keywords

attract links from other websites to yours
Attract Links From Other Websites To Yours
  • Links are like signs on the internet pointing a visitor from one place to another
  • SE view links as “votes” relating to the reputation of a web page/web site
  • SE “weights the authority value” of a link…not all links are created equal
4 criteria for link evaluation
4 Criteria for Link Evaluation
  • Relevancy of links
  • Themes of websites
  • Authority levels/bad neighborhoods of linking sites
  • Page rank of linking pages
authority levels bad neighborhoods
Authority Levels & Bad Neighborhoods

Authority sites…

Have lots of unique content

Have lots of inbound links, especially links from other authority sites

Has lots of outbound links, generally to other authority sites

Have built inbound links gradually over time

Is usually an older site

Bad neighborhoods…

Site is banned

Site is under penalty

Site is manipulating the link system (link farm)

“Shady” industry site

links have 2 main parts
Links Have 2 Main Parts

1.     The Source Anchor. This is the text or image that the browser will display to the user that, when clicked, will cause the browser to evaluate the destination anchor.

2.     The Destination Anchor. The destination anchor is the action the browser will take when the source anchor is clicked on. In the majority of cases, the destination anchor is a URL that the browser will attempt to load.

source anchor link text
Source Anchor Link Text
  • This is what the site visitor sees about the link
  • For high organic search engine rankings, what the SE sees in this anchor link text is vitally important
  • Anchor text tells SE and visitors what to expect from the link
  • Anchor text should be keyword rich descriptive text
images for links
Images for Links
  • Most search engines can not see pictures (which is why FLASH based websites are not recommended for high organic search engine rankings)
  • Use an “alt attribute” to provide a text equivalent of the image
types of links
Types of Links
  • Inbound from others to you
  • Outbound from you to others
  • Non-redirecting cause actions to happen
  • There are internal and external links
check your incoming site links
Check Your Incoming Site Links

See how many incoming links to your website are recognized by SE. Go to the SE and type in:

how to get more incoming links
How To Get More Incoming Links

Have content that others want

  • Articles – Write an article about something interesting, newsworthy, controversial, or just something you can't find information on yourself.
  • Blog – Writing a blog can create links from other people who like your post and link to it. Participating in other people’s blogs can ensure they know about you and your site, and they may link to you with a live link.
  • Photos – Networking events, visual or emotionally stimulating
  • Videos – Instructional videos, car wrecks, badly sung songs on American Idol – all can turn out to be the next viral Internet hit, producing thousands of links.
  • Applications – Write an application, web-based or not, and if it’s a useful tool, people will link to it.
  • Games –

By linking to your site, other sites are saying they value the content of your site and that they think other people will be interested in it too. This is known as "link bait" – something on your site that people will notice and link to.

organic vs paid search
Organic vs. Paid Search
  • What’s the difference?
  • Directories and paid inclusion
  • Free mini-course on paid search

join us next week
Join Us Next Week

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High Organic Search Engine Rankings

free stuff
Free Stuff

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I’m pleased to answer your questions about having high organic search engine rankings for your website!

how to reach rss ray
How to Reach RSS Ray
  • Toll Free: (877) 837-8803
  • Fax: (602) 412-3663
  • Local: (602) 412-3168
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Address: 2432 West Peoria Ave, Ste. 1320A

Phoenix, Arizona 85254