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Fasttrack to Computers Laurie Shteir Temple University CIS Dept. What do Computers Do??? A recipe following machine Example of a program in English - 6 instructions (the program), with 2 variables (J and K - the data). 1. move the number 1 into box J 2. move the number 1 into box K

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Presentation Transcript
laurie shteir

Fasttrack to Computers

Laurie Shteir

Temple University CIS Dept.

what do computers do
What do Computers Do???
  • A recipe following machine
  • Example of a program in English - 6 instructions (the program),with 2 variables (J and K - the data).
  • 1. move the number 1 into box J
  • 2. move the number 1 into box K
  • 3. output (print) the number in box J
  • 4. add 2 to the number in box K
  • 5. add the number in box K to the number in box J
  • 6. go to step 3
computer system
Computer System
  • Computer
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Categories
    • Personal Computer
    • Mobile Computers and mobile devices
    • Mid-range server
    • Mainframe computer
    • Super computer
  • Information Technology(IT) is defined as a set of tools that helps you work with information and perform tasks related to information processing
  • What are some important qualities
  • Accuracy
  • Timeliness
  • Relevancy
  • Organization
  • Application Software
    • Written to solve a particular problem or perform a specific operation
    • Mac Write, EXCEL, FoxPro
  • System Software
      • Designed to coordinate the computers operations. It manages the activities and allows us to utilize its capabilities. A large portion of system software is called the Operating System
    • DOS, Windows (Windows 3.0, 3.1, 3.11)
    • Windows95, Windows 98, Windows Me
    • Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional
    • Windows XP (new look, redesigned start menu, multiple user accounts, more networking features built in)
categories of computers
Categories of Computers
  • Personal Computer
    • Desktop, tower model, workstation, laptop
      • Geared towards one user or connected to a network
      • Around a 1,000.00
        • In October, average price without monitor = $750
      • Basic building block is called the processor
        • PC(Windows)
        • Apple Macintosh (Mac OS)
  • Mobile Computers and Mobile Devices
    • Laptop Computer (notebook), tablet PC, PDAs, smartphones
    • A Mobile Computer:Personal Computer that you carry
    • Mobile Device: Device small enough to fit in your hand
categories of computers8
Mid Range Server (mini computers)

Can support several thousand users

Accessed via a PC or terminal

$5,000 - $150,000


Large, Powerful, expensive

Partial room to a full room

Can support hundreds to thousands of users

$300,000 – several million


Fastest and most powerful

Full room of equipment

Several Million Dollars and

up (more than $85 million)

Thousands of Users

Categories of Computers
how are computers used
How are Computers Used
  • Home Users
    • Desktop Computers, PDAs, Productivity Software, Browser Software, Entertainment, email
  • Small Office/Home Office
    • Desktop Computer, PDAs, Shared Network Printer, Productivity Software, Personal information manager, Company specific software, Browser software and email
  • Mobile Users
    • Notebook computer + modem or a Tablet PC, Video Projector, Web-enabled PDA/smart phone, presentation software, Personal information Manager, Browser software, E-Mail, company specific software
  • Large Business Users
    • Midrange server or mainframe, desktop or notebook computer, PDA,Productivity software, Personal information manager, Network software, Web Browser, Email, Company specific software
  • Power Users
    • Workstations to design plans, produce applications, create graphic art and multimedia, WEB based products, Desktop Publilshing, Multimedia authoring, computer aided design, Photo editing, Personal information Manager, Browser Software, E-Mail
personal computer system
Personal Computer System
  • Input Hardware: Keyboard & Mouse
  • Processing & Memory Hardware: Case, Power Supply, Processor Chip, Memory Chips, Motherboard, Expansion Slots
  • Storage Hardware: Floppy Drive,

Hard Drive, CD/DVD Drive

  • Output Hardware: Monitor, Speakers, Printer, Video and Sound Cards
  • Communications Hardware: Modem


  • Copyrighted Software
  • Licensed Software
  • Licenses for more than one person
  • Site License
  • Shareware
  • Freeware
  • Public-Domain Software
  • Rental Software
copyright debate
Copyright Debate
  • MP3 Digital music (Moving Picture Expert Group Layer 3) Issues File size Mobility Piracy Record Industry
gift of fire
Gift of Fire
  • Automates tasks to be more accurate, easier and faster
  • Enhances communication
  • Changes the way we live and do business
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Dependency on large systems
using the internet
Using the Internet
  • Getting an account
  • Accessing Course Material on the WWW