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Travel Card Training Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services April 12, 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Travel Card Training Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services April 12, 2007

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Travel Card Training Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services April 12, 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Travel Card Training Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services April 12, 2007. Agenda. Agency Responsibilities Upcoming Travel Card Policy Change Azumano Travel – CTS Accounts Travel Card Program Statistics Performance Rebate Forms of Payment Travel Card Insurance

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Travel Card Training Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services April 12, 2007

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Presentation Transcript
Travel Card Training

Statewide Accounting and

Reporting Services

April 12, 2007



  • Agency Responsibilities
  • Upcoming Travel Card Policy Change
  • Azumano Travel – CTS Accounts
  • Travel Card Program Statistics
  • Performance Rebate
  • Forms of Payment
  • Travel Card Insurance
  • Access Online Demonstration
  • Christina Maples,

Statewide Travel Card Coordinator

      • Program monitoring and support
      • Reinstatement of accounts
      • Primary contact for Agency Travel Card Coordinators (liaison)
      • Policy maintenance and interpretation
      • Training and communication
introductions cont
Introductions (cont.)
  • Kevin Noren, US Bank
    • Provide strategic level account support
    • Establish new agency accounts
    • Manage rebate analysis
    • Not a contact for day-to-day questions
introductions cont1
Introductions (cont.)
  • Tony Fuerte, Azumano Travel
      • CTS Account discrepancy first contact
      • Frontline policy adherence
      • I-Bank setup
      • General help
travel card program
Travel Card Program
  • Sponsored by the State, but not a State liability card
  • Personal liability card
  • Program managed by State Controller’s Division, SARS
  • Corporate card provider is US Bank
  • Available to state employees who travel, subject to US Bank credit standards
corporate travel card program
Corporate Travel Card Program
  • Program includes:
    • Individual personal liability travel cards
    • CTS accounts (ghost accounts) paid by state agencies
use of personal credit card
Use of Personal Credit Card
  • OAM Policy 40.20.00

GSPC Advisory Opinion 01A-1006

    • Provision regarding travel awards earned from the use of a personal credit card while on official state business travel
agency management responsibilities
Agency Management Responsibilities

OAM 40.20.00

  • Assign an Agency Travel Card Coordinator
  • Evaluate need for travel cards
  • Approve travel card applications
  • Take corrective action for delinquency, misuse, or abuse of the travel card
cardholder responsibilities
Cardholder Responsibilities

OAM 40.20.00

  • Use travel card only for official state business travel
  • Pay account balance each month
  • Report lost or stolen cards to US Bank
  • Adhere to provisions of Corporate Travel Card Agreement
agency coordinator responsibilities
Agency Coordinator Responsibilities

OAM 40.20.00

  • Review and process applications; lower credit limit, if needed
  • Communicate with cardholders-A/P Staff
  • Cancel cards not needed
  • Destroy cancelled cards
  • Review reports through Access Online
access online reports
Access Online Reports
  • Account List Report
    • Review for accuracy
    • Monitor for cardholders who have retired, transferred or terminated
    • Review for no activity in past six months; request voluntary (V9) cancellation
    • Cancel and destroy cards not needed
access online reports1
Access Online Reports
  • Transaction Detail Report
    • Review for purchases that do not appear to be travel related
    • Review for unusually large dollar amounts
    • Review for frequent ATM activity
    • Bring concerns to the attention of either the cardholder or agency management
access online reports2
Access Online Reports
  • Account Suspension Report
    • Review for delinquent balances and notify cardholder of past due status
    • Report balances older than 60 days to cardholder’s supervisor
    • If account has been suspended or cancelled, the cardholder’s supervisor is required to take appropriate action
sample e mail
Sample E-Mail

It has come to my attention that your

corporate travel card account with

US Bank is currently past due. In order

to adhere to State policy (OAM 40.20.00.PO)

it is important that you pay the past due

balance on your account as soon as

possible. I would appreciate your prompt

attention to this matter.

important reminder
Important Reminder
  • Account information in Access Online is considered confidential and should be handled accordingly
    • Limit access to employees charged with the responsibility to monitor accounts
    • Revoke access timely when duties change
    • Properly secure printed reports
upcoming policy change
Upcoming Policy Change
  • OAM 40.20.00.PO
      • The60 day cancellation policy

will be changed to 90 days

effective May 1, 2007.

      • 60 days past due: suspended
      • 90 days past due: cancelled
policy change timing
Policy Change Timing
  • Policy change is effective May 1, 2007 on a prospective basis
  • This will not be retroactive
    • Any travel card that was cancelled prior to May 1 under the previous policy (60 days past due) will remain cancelled
azumano travel
Azumano Travel
  • Tony Fuerte
      • Short paying: Why or why not?
      • Paying on time: What could happen?
      • Disputing charges: When?
      • Form of payment changes
      • Future changes with online bookings and some of the problems this can cause on the payment side
      • I-bank report tool: Reconciliation
us bank
  • Kevin Noren
      • Program statistics
      • Paying on time: Agency rebates
      • Forms of payment
      • Visa insurance
      • Access Online demonstration
billing cycle when is the balance due
Billing Cycle…When is the balance due?
  • Scheduled for the 8th of each month
    • Exception is weekends and holidays
  • This is a “charge card” not a

“credit card” therefore…

  • FULL ACCOUNT BALANCE is due on the 8th of the following month.
forms of payment
Forms of Payment
  • Cardholder accounts
    • Telepay – One-time set up over the phone. Cardholder calls US Bank customer service and authorizes balance to be debited from designated account.
    • Autopay – One-time set up over the phone. Cardholder authorizes designated account debit on a specific day(s) of each month.
    • Check – Remind cardholder to submit remittance stub and write full account number of face of check.
forms of payment cont
Forms of Payment (cont.)
  • CTS Accounts
    • Telepay
    • Autopay
    • Check
  • To setup: Call USB Cust. Svc. (800) 344-5696
  • To use: Call USB Cust. Svc. (800) 344-5696
    • Specify Payment Amount
  • Flexibility and Control
  • Cut-off 6:00 p.m. cst M-F (4:00 p.m. pst)
  • If done before 4:00 p.m. – it will post on the next day
  • Closed 6:00 - 6:30 p.m. (4:00 - 4:30 p.m. pst)
  • To setup: Call 1-800-344-5696
  • Schedule for a specific day of month.
  • Automatic debit of your balance due.
  • Set it and forget it.
  • What about holidays? – Debited on the day before.
  • Account is due and payable by the 8th of each month
  • Reminder…This is a Personal Liability CHARGE CARD not a CREDIT CARD
    • Charge Card: Full balance is due and payable monthly
    • Credit Card: Usually revolving, partial payments are okay as long as minimum payment is made
visa travel benefits www visa com benefits
VISA Travel
  • Travel accident insurance – $500,000
  • Primary auto rental insurance – business
  • Secondary lost baggage insurance – offered by US Bank
  • Lost luggage locator service
  • Medical and legal assistance
visa travel benefits cont
VISA Travel Benefits (cont.)
  • Emergency ticket and cash disbursements
  • Pre-trip travel planning assistance
  • Roadside assistance – VisaTow
  • Emergency translation service
  • Emergency message relay service
  • Emergency card replacement and lost/stolen card assistance
visa liability insurance
VISA Liability Insurance
  • Insures agency against eligible losses incurred through the Visa card through misuse by a terminated employee
  • Covers up to $100,000 per cardholder
visa liability insurance cont
VISA Liability Insurance (cont.)
  • Agency must meet Visa requirements:
    • Proof of termination of cardholder
    • Complete Visa paperwork obtained through US Bank Account Coordinator
visa liability insurance cont1
VISA Liability Insurance (cont.)
  • Valid on “waivable charges” incurred 75 days prior to termination and 14 days after termination
    • “Waivable charges” defined as charges the cardholder was reimbursed for by US Bank that did not benefit the agency
access online reporting
Access Online Reporting
  • Account List (Program Management)
    • List of all accounts in your agency
    • Cardholder demographics
    • Credit limits
    • Last date of activity
access online reporting1
Access Online Reporting
  • Past Due Report (Program Management)
    • Identifies past due cardholders
    • Amount past due
    • Number of days past due
  • Transaction Detail Spend Reports (Financial Management)
    • List of transactions
  • Cardholder demographics
  • Reporting
  • Obtain statements
  • View transaction detail
  • …What questions do you have and what would you like to see?
  • Karen Williams, Statewide Coordinator
    • (503) 373-7277 x227
    • (503) 378-3514 FAX
  • James Dulka - US Bank Account Coordinator
    • (612) 973-1256
    • (612) 973-3696 FAX
contacts cont
Contacts (cont.)
  • Tony Fuerte - Azumano Travel
    • (503) 221-6339
    • (503) 294-6474 Fax
us bank resources
US Bank Resources
  • US Bank Customer Service
    • (800) 344-5696
  • US Bank Fraud Support
    • e-mail -
  • Access Online
  • Technical Service (for Access Online)
    • (877) 452-8083
travel card policy
Travel Card Policy

Oregon Accounting Manual

  • OAM Policy 40.20.00.PO
  • OAM Procedure 40.20.00.PR
  • Access policy and procedure on website: