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The Media Controls Knowledge

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The Media Controls Knowledge. How the media affected the way Abu Ghraib was portrayed and perceived. Christian Leppert, Tim Blankshain, Jacob Mauger. Background. Abu Ghraib is a prison in Iraq controlled by the US military Iraqis who were "suspected" terrorists were held captive

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the media controls knowledge

The Media Controls Knowledge

How the media affected the way Abu Ghraib was portrayed and perceived

Christian Leppert, Tim Blankshain, Jacob Mauger

  • Abu Ghraib is a prison in Iraq controlled by the US military
  • Iraqis who were "suspected" terrorists were held captive
  • Acts of torture, sexual abuse, and homicide were committed by US soldiers
  • 11 US soldiers convicted of crimes
inquiry question
Inquiry Question

How has the media affected how Americans look at the actions of American soldiers at Abu Ghraib?

different perception of abu ghraib
Different Perception of Abu Ghraib

Muslim Reaction to Abu Ghraib

  • Body is a Taboo, don't show
  • Barbaric acts and shameful
  • Anger towards US in general
media control
Media Control
  • Bad Against the US, people are blamed
  • US does something bad, it is "under investigation"
  • Death of celebrity more important
incorporating the zero
Incorporating The Zero
  • The Documentation Department
  • "At night, The Zero was lit like a stage. The work seemed less showy to Remy, the loss more personal, less produced than during the day, when everyone posed for photographers and TV cameras, when grief and anger became competitive sports. At night people were left alone" (Walter 36)
the zero
The Zero
  • "He had the sense that any detail would become important if he wrote it down" (67)
  • "The televised dreams were especially clever the way they could skip away from anything unpleasant" (325)
changes in front of camera
Changes in front of Camera
  • Smiled for shot because you had to
works cited
Works Cited

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