the seven sacred teachings l.
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The Seven Sacred Teachings

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The Seven Sacred Teachings. Honesty Humility Wisdom Love Respect Truth Courage. History of the Seven Sacred Teachings.

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the seven sacred teachings
The Seven Sacred Teachings


Love Respect Truth Courage

history of the seven sacred teachings

History of the Seven Sacred Teachings

According to an oral traditional story, the Seven Teachings were given to the Anishinaabe early in their history. When the Seven Grandfathers sent their Messenger to learn about the current state of the Anishinaabe people, they were told that the people were not living in harmony with each other nor with the rest of creation. In a vision quest, the Messenger found a child worthy of the teachings, and the Seven Grandfathers tutored the child in the

“ good way of life”. Each Grandfather instructed the child with one teaching, which collectively became known as the Seven Teachings.

When you follow the Seven Teachings you will live a good and happy life.”

  • Honesty means to not cheat, lie or steal. Living your life in an honest way keeps things simple and peaceful.
  • Humility is to live your life free from arrogance, to not be boastful, and to have a modest sense of your own worth.
  • Wisdom is gained through experience and knowledge. To have wisdom is to know the difference between right and wrong, and to apply these qualities to your daily life.
  • Love is an emotion that is the driving force of life. With love, all things upon Mother Earth thrive and grow. To know love is to find peace.
  • Respect is an attitude. To honour and listen to your Elders, parents and teachers is a sign of respect.
  • To know all of these things is to know truth.
  • Courage is being brave in the face of life’s problems. Daily challenges take courage to overcome. Never give in, never give up.

The Buffalo represents Respect because for as

long as we have been here, we have sustained

our lives through the Buffalo in terms of

clothing, food, shelter, medicine and art.


Native people depended on the Buffalo for

survival and used every part of the animal:

Hides - tipis and clothing

Bones – tools and toys

Meat – food

Tendons & Muscle – sinew

Brains – hide tanning

Skull – medicine and ceremonies


We have to take care of Mother Earth. We need to make sure that Mother Earth will be here for generations to come. We all share in this responsibility. Our Elders have passed down what they have been taught by their Elders about how to take care of Mother Earth and each other. We can start Ruth Hooker School with Respecting Mother Earth, our school, teachers and each other.