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Future Opportunities

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Future Opportunities Lanny Arvan Clark Hulse Ray Schroeder Lanny Arvan Assistant CIO for Educational Technologies UIUC “Opportunities at Urbana for Distance Learning” Summary of Current Situation Most programs are professional level Excellence in quality

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Presentation Transcript
future opportunities

Future Opportunities

Lanny Arvan

Clark Hulse

Ray Schroeder

lanny arvan
Lanny Arvan
  • Assistant CIO for Educational Technologies
  • UIUC
  • “Opportunities at Urbana for Distance Learning”
summary of current situation
Summary of Current Situation
  • Most programs are professional level
    • Excellence in quality
    • But little growth in scope of offerings
  • Separate technology infrastructure
    • The units have their own
    • The technology CITES supports is a secondary or tertiary option
  • Distance learning a strategic issue for particular units
    • But not for the campus as a whole
  • With the technology
    • Course Management Systems
    • Streaming Media
    • Synchronous Communication tools
  • Programmatically
    • Recasting of General Education
    • Outreach to K-12 (mostly high school)
    • Getting our undergrads involved
cms integration
CMS - Integration
  • IMS Learning Tools Interoperability Project (with Samigo Assessment tool)
    • Illinois Compass (WebCT Vista)
    • Blackboard
    • Sakai
    • LON CAPA ??
    • Moodle ??
  • Enables joint development of content (We hope)
streaming media
Streaming Media
  • Complement of Network Initiative
  • Many departments pool investments
    • Share licensing costs
    • Enable more bandwidth for live events
  • Probable focus on RealNetworks
  • We are currently in discussion mode, not implementation mode
synchronous solutions
Synchronous Solutions
  • Same software for F2F class with laptops and online class at a distance? What about online office hours?
    • eFuzion from CS (peer to peer solution)
      • Focus on Tablet PC and pen computing
    • Flash Media Server
    • Elluminate
    • Microsoft’s flavors (OneNote)
  • Possible convergence of distance and on campus applications and support
programmatic developments
Programmatic Developments
  • Focus on Large Gen Ed Courses
    • Hybrid Learning
    • Students as Mentors/Mentors
    • Computer Graded Assessments
  • Extend to K-12
    • Teacher Education (Online and F2F)
    • Hosting of course sites
    • Our undergrads as online TAs/Graders
    • Outreach and recruiting benefit
  • A lot of change is in the offing
  • A possible result of that change is a convergence between the campus support of eLearning and what is done in the distance learning space.
  • Another possible result is the campus programmatic developments have components in the distance learning space.
clark hulse
Clark Hulse
  • Dean of the Graduate College
  • Executive Vice Provost
  • Professor of English and Art History
  • UIC
ray schroeder
Ray Schroeder
  • Director
  • Office of Technology-Enhanced Learning
  • UIS
future opportunities at uis
Future Opportunities at UIS
  • UIS Online in 2005
    • 8 degree programs, multiple certificates
    • 8 more degree programs Sloan funded
    • 2,350 duplicated enrollments
    • One out of every three students in an online class
    • One out of every five only taking online
    • More than 1/5 of credit hours online
    • Nearly 1/3 out of state
    • More than 80% of in-state outside county
future opportunities at uis18
Future Opportunities at UIS
  • Sloan2 Grant Initiative
    • Eight new degrees
    • Additional faculty members
    • Expanded support
  • TaskStream e-Portfolio
    • Assessing outcomes in online classes
    • Comparing outcomes online & on-campus
  • Online Intersession
    • Blended / streamed classes
future opportunities at uis19
Future Opportunities at UIS
  • Inter-Institutional Initiatives
    • CSU, Columbia NYC, Lesley and more
    • HECA for inter-institutional online initiatives among state universities in Illinois
      • Multiple purposes joining both online and on campus classes
    • Sloan-C Inter-Institutional Handbook
  • Expansion of International Reputation
    • Further development of Online Learning Update and associated web logs
future opportunities at uis20
Future Opportunities at UIS
  • Surprises
    • Integration of CMS into most classes
    • Pedagogy in online learning driving campus pedagogy
      • Constructivism, Siemen’s new Connectivism
    • Sea-change in enrollment patterns of non-traditional adult, professional degree and degree completion students.
      • Abandonment of commuter mode
      • Shift to online and blended
future opportunities at uis21
Future Opportunities at UIS
  • A look ahead
    • Continued expansion of online degree program
    • International and out-of-state enrollments
    • Linkages to k/12 promote Gen Ed Program
    • Expansion of student support services online where relevant to online program
    • Development of inter-institutional online collaborations in new and interesting ways
    • Validation of online programs via e-portfolios