searching for freud l.
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Searching for Freud

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Searching for Freud. Amidst the Cow and Bull . To Cow or the Act of Cowing.

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searching for freud

Searching for Freud

Amidst the Cow and Bull

to cow or the act of cowing
To Cow or the Act of Cowing
  • (v. intrans.) To list data (or perform operations) without awareness of, or comment upon, the contexts, frames of reference, or points of observation which determine the origin, nature, and meaning of the data *(or procedures). To write on the assumption that "a fact is a fact." To present evidence of hard work as a substitute for understanding, without any intent to deceive.
to bull or the act of bulling
To Bull or the Act of Bulling
  • (v. intrans.) To discourse upon the contexts, frames of reference and points of observation which would determine the origin, nature, and meaning of data if one had any. To present evidence of an understanding of form in the hope that the reader may be deceived into supposing a familiarity with content
  • Is William Perry…
literature and psychology 2002 2004
Literature and Psychology2002-2004
  • In 13 weeks at the sophomore level
  • Low exam scores
  • Poor essays
  • Abysmal quiz grades
  • General disinterest
  • Inability to translate from one medium to the other (Freud to Lit or Lit to Freud.)
how to be a bull y
How to be a Bull-y

Q:Articulate the course goal – what is it that I MOST want students to leave this course knowing?

A: How to apply Freudian Theory to Literature and Life in general

rethinking the syllabus either or
ALL of Freud?

ALL of Literature?

For sophomores in 13 weeks?

The Drives (Sex and Aggression) and stages of Development (oral, Anal and Genital)

The Pleasure Principle and Reality Principle

The Psychic Apparatus

The Oedipal Complex

Defense Mechanisms

Rethinking the SyllabusEITHER OR
tools of the trade
Tools of the Trade
  • Three day a week classes
  • Repetition
  • Repetition
  • Repetition
  • Modeling of Application
new cats implemented in 2005
New CATs implemented in 2005
  • One Minute Summaries
  • Invented Dialogues
  • Role Play
  • Applying these exercises to the literature at hand.
one minute summary
One Minute Summary

“The Cat in the Hat” is a ‘children’s’ story, but it is pretty obvious that Dr. Seuss is talking about the Psychic Apparatus. The Cat represents the Id that wants what it wants when it wants it. The Fish represents the Superego or the Parent telling everyone what they “should do.” The boy has to be the Ego trying to balance the other two.

invented dialogue
Invented Dialogue
  • Patient: “I seem to find it fun to do things I’m not always supposed to do when my mom is out for the day. I find ways to get into trouble, and then I try to hide it from her before she gets home.”
  • Dr. Freud: “Interesting. Do you think that this need to act out might be a representation of the Oedipal Complex?”
  • Patient: “I don’t think so; I don’t feel any aggression toward my parents.”
  • Dr. Freud: “Interesting. Perhaps, then, it is an overdeveloped Id – you want everything with immediate gratification.”
role play
Role Play
  • Student 1/Patient: I don’t see why I have to talk to a therapist about my need to have fun.
  • Student 2/Freud: Perhaps you are being self destructive with this “fun.”
  • Student 1/Patient: I think I deserve to have fun on a rainy day!
  • Student 2/Freud: Of course you do, but you don’t have to endanger yourself or others in order to have fun. If you can only wait until your mother gets home to supervise your games, everything will be okay.
  • Essay Excerpt: “While most people consider ‘The Cat in the Hat’ merely a children’s story, its message goes much deeper into the makings of the Psychic Apparatus. Each character in this tale represents the Id, Ego or Superego in an effort to clarify the many compulsions each of us must go through in making ‘mature’ decisions.”
2005 literature and psychology grades
2005 Literature and Psychology Grades
  • Still in process, but the first class shows marked improvement.