Providing secure internet access to health care information
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Providing Secure Internet Access to Health Care Information Rex Gantenbein, Thomas L. James, and John Kim University of Wyoming Center for Rural Health Research and Education/ Computer Science Department I. Introduction

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Providing secure internet access to health care information l.jpg
Providing Secure Internet Access to Health Care Information

Rex Gantenbein, Thomas L. James, and John Kim

University of Wyoming

Center for Rural Health Research and Education/

Computer Science Department

I introduction l.jpg
I. Introduction

  • Center for Rural Health Research and Education (CRHRE) at the University of Wyoming

    • Mission: provide Internet access to information for health care researchers and practitioners in a frontier environment

    • Problem: Preserving confidentiality (HIPAA)

  • Integrating confidential data collection and storage with secure and efficient distribution of data over the Internet => better access to health care information

  • Ii goals of this work l.jpg
    II. Goals of this work

    • Protect data on a data warehouse from unauthorized access

    • Provide secure client-to-gateway connectivity through virtual private networking (VPN)

    Iii the architecture of the system l.jpg
    III. The Architecture of the System

    • Data marts – Connected to the network

    • Data warehouse – Isolated from the network

    • The main user interface – ASP

    • Network security – authentication & data transport

    Security features l.jpg
    Security Features

    • Access Control Services

      • Protect internet resources from unauthorized use

        • Authentication

    • Communication Security Services

      • Ensure confidentiality and integrity of data in transmission

        • IPSec

        • VPN

        • Firewalls

    Access control authentication l.jpg
    Access Control – Authentication

    Authentication based on Kerberos version 5

    • Default network authentication protocol

      • Confirmation uses a symmetric secret key

    • Advantages

      • Less Possibility of False Authentication

      • More Flexibility

    Communication security ipsec l.jpg
    Communication Security – IPSec

    • Data Transport Approaches

      • Application layer approach

        • Traffic is encrypted before it is submitted to the OS

      • Network layer approach

        • Encryption is added directly into the network

        • Traffic is protected without requiring modification of application

    • A security standard at the network layer of network communication has been proposed by Cisco

    Communication security firewalls l.jpg
    Communication Security – Firewalls

    • Protects the private resources of a network from remote users and Controls the outside resources

    • Examines each network packet before deciding whether or not to forward each packet

    • May include or work with a proxy server

    Communication security vpn l.jpg
    Communication Security – VPN

    • Enables remote users to gain connectivity by tunneling into their network

    • IPSec protocols are used primarily for VPN

    • Adv.

      • Little effect on applications – IPSec

      • Economical benefit – no more leasing network lines

      • Additional level of security – encryption before sending

    The network configuration l.jpg






    The Network Configuration

    • ISA (Proxy/Firewall)

    • IIS (Data Mart Server)

    • DC (KDC)

    • SQL (Data Warehouse)

    The network configuration cont l.jpg
    The Network Configuration, cont.

    • ISA

      • The first Proxy Server running MS Internet Security and Acceleration Server (firewall + VPN)

      • Kerberos – blocks unauthorized access to the network

      • Redirect only valid connections

    • IIS

      • The web server running MS Internet Information Server

      • The user’s physical interface + data marts

    • SQL

      • The data warehouse running MS-SQL Server

      • Not connected to the network

    • DC

      • MS Windows 2000 Server

      • KDC (Kerberos key Distribution Center)

      • Does not accept outside connections

    Data management approach l.jpg
    Data management approach

    • Data entry

      • An authorized user downloads the data to data marts

      • Administrator updates the Data warehouse

    • Data retrieval

      • An authorized user requests retrieval over the Internet

      • The administrator creates a new data mart

      • The authorized user can then download the data mart

    Iv summary l.jpg
    IV. Summary

    • An architecture for secure remote access to confidential health information using off-the-shelf technology

      • Limits on the response time to any request for access

      • Ensures high levels of authentication, confidentiality, integrity, and authentication through the isolation of the data warehouse

    • Foundation for health care research through management and distribution of data in a secure manner