Point of view in fairy tales
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Point of View in Fairy Tales. Point of View in Art. In art it’s the angle of view from which a person sees the picture or scene. Let’s look at a photograph to determine “angle of view.”. What is beyond the green tree in the foreground?. New Angles in Photographs.

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Point of view in art
Point of View in Art

  • In art it’s the angle of view from which a person sees the picture or scene.

  • Let’s look at a photograph to determine “angle of view.”

New angles in photographs
New Angles in Photographs

  • Point of view in a story is like the angle of a photograph.

  • A different angle in a picture gives us a new way of thinking about it.

Point of view in literature
Point of View in Literature

  • In literature point of view is the angle which a reader connects to the story—usually by the person who tells the story.

  • In Cendrillon, we know the person telling the story is Nannin, Cendrillon’s godmother.

The person telling the story
The Person Telling the Story

  • Having a character relate the events makes a story more personal and helps the reader feel involved.

  • Cendrillon’s godmother can only see things from her own understanding.

  • For instance, she doesn’t know Cendrillon’s thoughts, but she can tell what Cendrillon’s feelings are from her actions and words.

What happens when point of view changes
What Happens When Point of View Changes?

  • What if the wicked stepmom, Madame Prosperine, tells the story?

  • What if Paul tells the story?

Other point of view choices
Other Point of View Choices

  • How would the story change if a distant, all-knowing narrator told the story? This person is called a 3rd person narrator.

  • What if you are the “I” person telling the story? How will the story change? This person is called the 1st person narrator.

You decide
You Decide!

  • Would Cendrillon be a better fairy tale if another character told the story?

  • Think about this as you choose the next Cinderella fairy tale to read.