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depth of field shallow l.
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Depth of Field shallow: PowerPoint Presentation
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Depth of Field shallow:

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Depth of Field shallow:
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Depth of Field shallow:

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  1. Depth of Field shallow: A large aperture leads to less focal depth.

  2. Wide: If the aperture is small the focal depth will be much wider resulting in an all around clear picture.

  3. Shutter Speed • Slow When the shutter is open longer, the image if moving will look blurred.

  4. Fast! When you use a fast shutter speed you can freeze motion in it’s tracks.

  5. Film Stock (speed) Low Speed With all that snow and sunlight, we need a less sensitive film that will work with a quick exposure to capture the desired image.

  6. High speed(This was taken at night) Complete darkness! In order to capture any color at all you have to use film that will capture all the light you can get. This is probably paired with a long exposure.

  7. Color vs. Black & White Black and white can make things seem more romantic but in this instance I prefer the color picture. It is much more vibrant.

  8. Low for scary and dominant. Camera Angle High for cute and submissive.

  9. Framing Using windows and doors is a common way to put the viewer’s focus on the subject of the photograph.

  10. Composition These pictures use the rule of thirds to place the figures in the position within the picture. Also the color photograph of a child in a field could represent childhood innocence or a child’s view of exploring the world. His placement in the photo makes it look like he is entering the picture. This is juxtaposed with a sepia picture of a man. This picture gives the sense of ageing or leaving a tainted world.

  11. Day time with natural lighting. Lighting Night time with artificial lighting.

  12. Bibliography-All pictures used in this slideshow can be found in these sites.