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”. MSHSL Alcohol and Chemical Use Policy and More…. American Athletic Institute (National). District: Any alcohol use in past year Source: Minnesota Student Survey. District: Any recent binge drinking Source: Minnesota Student Survey.

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state district 196 any recent binge drinking source minnesota student survey
State/District 196: Any recent binge drinkingSource:Minnesota Student Survey
district any marijuana use in the past month source minnesota student survey
District: Any marijuana use in the past monthSource:Minnesota Student Survey
state vs district 196 marijuana use in the past 30 days source minnesota student survey
State vs. District 196Marijuana use in the past 30 daysSource:Minnesota Student Survey
what happens to athletic performance
What Happens to Athletic Performance?
  • Drinking to intoxication can negate as much as fourteen days of training effect
  • Training hormones are diminished for up to 96 hours following alcohol consumption
  • Drinking alcohol after competition hinders recovery
  • Reaction time can be affected even twelve hours after alcohol consumption
what happens to athletic performance continued
What Happens to Athletic Performance?-Continued
  • Alcohol compromises an athlete’s already vulnerable immune system
  • Marijuana use affects pulmonary (lung) function dramatically
  • Marijuana use affects motivation to get involved and stay involved in athletics/activities.
another factor to consider
Another factor to consider!
  • The State of Minnesota has the highest teenage driver fatality rate in the nation
  • Alcohol/chemical use is a factor in many of those fatalities.
what are the rules
What are the rules?
  • MSHSL Bylaw 205: During the calendar year, regardless of quantity, a student shall not (1) use or consume, have in possession, buy/sell, or give away any beverage containing alcohol; (2) use or consume, have in possession, buy/sell, or give away any tobacco; or, (3) use or consume, have in possession, buy sell, or give away any other controlled substance or paraphernalia.
  • First violation: Loss of eligibility for the next two consecutive interscholastic contests or two weeks of a season in which the student is a participant, whichever is greater. No exception is permitted for a student who participates in a treatment program.
Second violation: Loss of eligibility for the next 6 consecutive interscholastic contests or three weeks whichever is greater.
  • Third violation: Loss of eligibility for the next 12 contests or 4 weeks whichever is greater.
Accumulation of penalties: Penalties shall be accumulative beginning with the student’s first participation in a League activity and continuing through the student’s high school career.
  • Denial Disqualification: A student shall be disqualified from all interscholastic athletics for 9 additional weeks beyond the student’s original period of ineligibility when the student denies violation of the rule, is allowed to participate and then is subsequently found guilty of the violation.


82% of athletes’ parents surveyed believed their son or daughter does not drink…

52% of those underage students admitted to drinking…



what can parents do
What Can Parents Do?
  • Make sure that you have RECENTLY discussed alcohol/chemical use with your athlete
  • Tell your athlete that you do not approve of he/she using alcohol/chemicals
  • Model responsible use behavior or don’t use around your athlete
  • Don’t host a party where alcohol is served and where athletes are present
what does it mean when you sign the forms
What does it mean when you sign the forms?
  • You are pledging to be chemically free YEAR ROUND.
  • You are making a commitment to your team and school to be chemically free YEAR ROUND.
  • You are making a commitment to your parent(s)/guardian to be chemically free YEAR ROUND.

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