Jack mezirow s transformational learning
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Margaret DiVito Walden University March 2010. Jack Mezirow’s Transformational Learning. Do you know Jack?. Transformative Learning Concerns:. Mezirow’s Definition of Learning.

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Margaret DiVito

Walden University

March 2010

Jack Mezirow’s Transformational Learning

Mezirow s definition of learning l.jpg
Mezirow’s Definition of Learning

The process of using a prior interpretation to construe a new or a revised interpretation of the meaning of one’s experience in order to guide future action.

Frames of reference l.jpg
Frames of Reference

Habits of Mind

Points of View

…these operate below our level of awareness…

…there is more awareness for these…

Habits of mind l.jpg
Habits of Mind

A set of assumptions – broad, generalized, orienting dispositions that act as a filter for interpreting meaning.


Points of view l.jpg
Points of View

Immediate specific beliefs



Value judgments

Four levels of transformative learning l.jpg
Four Levels of Transformative Learning

  • Existing frames of reference

  • Learning new frames of reference

  • Transforming a point of view

  • Transforming a habit of mind

Mezirow s steps in transformational learning l.jpg
Mezirow’s Steps in Transformational Learning

Disorienting dilemma


Critical assessment of Assumptions

Recognizing that others have gone through a similar process

Exploring options for formulating a new plan of action

Acquiring knowledge and skill

Trying out new roles

Renegotiating relationships

Building competence

Reintegration back into one’s life based on the new, transformed perspective

Criticism of mezirow s transformational learning l.jpg
Criticism of Mezirow’s Transformational Learning


Cognitive emphasis


References l.jpg

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Slide13 l.jpg

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