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Introduction to Library Research

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Introduction to Library Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Library Research Doug Way 331-2863 Today we will talk about… Introduction to GVSU Libraries Research Strategies & Common Problems Reference Publications Categories of Journals Introduction to Searching the Online Catalog Introduction to Database Searching

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introduction to library research

Introduction to Library Research

Doug Way


today we will talk about
Today we will talk about…
  • Introduction to GVSU Libraries
  • Research Strategies & Common Problems
  • Reference Publications
  • Categories of Journals
  • Introduction to Searching the Online Catalog
  • Introduction to Database Searching
    • Which databases should you use?
    • What are some general features of most databases?
    • How do you know if GVSU owns what you need?
    • What do you do when GVSU doesn’t?
introduction to gvsu libraries
Introduction to GVSU Libraries
  • Seven different libraries at GVSU
    • One MAIN library and six branches
introduction to gvsu libraries4
Introduction to GVSU Libraries
  • Allendale Libraries
    • Zumberge
      • The University’s MAIN Library
    • KCRC (K-12 Curriculum Resource Center)
      • Located in Au Sable Hall
    • Seidman House
      • Archives, Rare and Special Collections
introduction to gvsu libraries5
Introduction to GVSU Libraries
  • Grand Rapids Libraries
    • Steelcase
      • Located in the DeVos Center on the Pew Campus (near the clock tower)
      • Contains business, law, criminal justice, social work and engineering books
    • Frey Foundation Learning Center
      • Located in the Center for Health Sciences
      • Recent health science periodicals and health science reference books
introduction to gvsu libraries6
Introduction to GVSU Libraries
  • Other GVSU Libraries
    • Holland Campus
    • Van Andel Research Center
introduction to gvsu libraries7
Introduction to GVSU Libraries
  • Librarian’s Role
    • Acquire resources for students and faculty
    • Assist Students and Faculty in finding and using these resources
    • Our job is to help!
research strategies
Research Strategies
  • Common Research Problems
    • Confusion on where to begin
      • Library/Research Anxiety
    • Unrealistic expectations
      • Research is not easy
    • Close, but no cigar
      • I can’t find an article on my exact topic…
    • Research Question v. Thesis
    • Ill-defined Topic
      • Topic too vague
      • Topic too specific
reference books
Reference Books
  • Provide basic information on a topic
    • Background information
  • Often a source of statistical information
  • Provide references to other sources
  • Helpful in narrowing down topics
reference books10
Reference Books

Look at your group’s reference book.

Be prepared to share with the class:

  • A description of the book
    • How would you use it? How do you find the information inside the book?
    • What kind of information does it provide?
    • How long are the articles?
    • Does it provide you with a bibliography?
  • When you would want to use it?
  • Would it be helpful in narrowing down a topic?
narrowing down topics
Narrowing Down Topics
  • Other sources for narrowing down your topics
    • CQ Researcher
    • Websites
      • NY Times College (
      • ACLU (
      • More on handout
research strategies12
Research Strategies
  • Turning research question into search terms
    • Keys to Success
      • Well-defined research question or topic
      • Identifying Keywords
      • Alternative Terms
research strategies13
Research Strategies
  • Developing Search Terms (identifying keywords and alternatives)
  • Research Question/Topic:

Information on anorexia among female college students

research strategies14
Research Strategies
  • Developing Search Terms
    • Connecting Terms
      • Boolean Operators
        • And (narrows search)
        • Not (narrows search)
        • Or (broadens search)
evaluating journals
Evaluating Journals
  • Three categories of journals
    • Popular (Time, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated)
    • Trade (Library Journal, Automotive News)
    • Scholarly (Journal of the American Medical Association, Nature)
evaluating journals16
Evaluating Journals
  • Each category of journals has its own characteristics
evaluating journals17
Evaluating Journals
  • Look at the article that you have been given. Based on the criteria on the chart, decide whether the article is from a scholarly, trade or popular journal.
  • An article will not necessarily meet all of the criteria for any one type of journal.
evaluating journals18
Evaluating Journals
  • Peer Reviewed or Refereed Journals
    • Editorial Process
      • Articles are submitted for review
      • Articles are reviewed in a “blind” review process by experts in that field
      • Reviewers decide whether articles meet criteria for publication
      • Considered a more rigorous and less-biased review process
evaluating journals19
Evaluating Journals
  • Scholarly v. Peer Reviewed
    • Two terms are often used interchangeably, but are not the same
      • The designation “scholarly” is subjective
        • Can be debated
      • Peer Review is an editorial process
        • Not open for debate
        • Is either peer reviewed or not
evaluating journals and more
Evaluating Journals (and more)
  • When using other resources—books, websites, etc.—you will also need to evaluate.
    • Criteria may differ somewhat, but basics still stand
      • Who’s the author?
      • What are they using to back up their argument
finding journal articles
Finding Journal Articles
  • Where do you find Journal Articles?
    • Online Catalog?
finding journal articles22
Finding Journal Articles
  • What do you find in the Online Catalog?
    • Items we own
      • Books
      • Music
      • Videos
      • Journals
        • Issues we own, what format they are in (online, in paper, on microfilm or microfiche), where they are located
finding journal articles23
Finding Journal Articles
  • You use a database to find what articles are in a given journal title.
    • Databases index journal articles
finding journal articles24
Finding Journal Articles
  • Types of Databases
    • Multi-Disciplinary
      • ProQuest Databases (all)
      • Expanded Academic
      • Wilson Select Plus
    • News Oriented
      • LexisNexis Academic
      • InfoTrac Onefile
      • Electric Library
finding journal articles25
Finding Journal Articles
  • Types of Databases
    • Subject Specific
      • History (Historical Abstracts; America History and Life)
      • Psychology (PsycArticles; PsycInfo)
      • Health Science (Medline; Health Reference Center-Academic; Health and Wellness Resource Center)
    • If you don’t know which database to use, ask!