Innovative bridge designs for rapid renewal
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Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal. HNTB Corporation Iowa State University, Ames, IA Structural Engineering Associates, San Antonio, TX Nyleve Bridge, Emmaus, PA Walsh Construction, Chicago, IL. Transportation Research Board SHRP2 - Project R04. How do we construct bridges quicker?

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Innovative Bridge Designs for Rapid Renewal

HNTB Corporation

Iowa State University, Ames, IA

Structural Engineering Associates, San Antonio, TX

Nyleve Bridge, Emmaus, PA

Walsh Construction, Chicago, IL

Transportation Research Board SHRP2 - Project R04

Major questions l.jpg

Major Questions

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  • R04 Findings – Major Themes

    • Strong impetus to use ABC

    • Support (real or perceived) is strong at most levels

    • Reluctant agencies list cost as the main impediment

    • ABC, when used, has a remarkable satisfaction rate

    • DB, A+B and ID contracts most common

Owner Initiatives

Owner initiatives5 l.jpg

  • Project Survey – Main Themes

    • Common reasons traffic and worker/public safety

    • Few agencies have an ABC process

    • Reasons for not employing ABC

      • Requires more research

      • Requires institutional change

    • 5 agencies provided specifics on ABC projects

      • User costs only considered to be real costs by 1 in 5 DOT’s

      • Benefits considered to outweigh costs by all 5 DOT’s

Owner Initiatives

Owner initiatives6 l.jpg

  • Many “Flavors” of ABC

    • Florida

      • Several SPMT projects completed; more planned

      • Some use of precast pier construction

    • Texas

      • Significant use of prefabricated substructures

      • Use of U-beams for rapid superstructure erection

    • Utah

      • Developing a standard agency policy centered around rapid replacement

    • North Carolina

      • Creation of Alternative Delivery Unit

Owner Initiatives

Innovative contracting l.jpg


    • Owner hires the engineer and contractor, simultaneously, via separate contracts

  • NC DOT Washington Bypass

    • Design Build Best Value

  • Ministry of Transportation Model (Clyde Avenue)

    • Only selected pre-qualified general contractors invited to be bid

    • GC’s required to submit credentials of one or more heavy lifters for additional prequalification.

Innovative Contracting

Innovative contracting9 l.jpg

  • European Model (reference – Freyssinet / Hebetec)

    • Owner mandates specialty methods of erection

    • Owner hires the specialty contractor or lifter

    • Engineers required to design a compatible solution

    • GC is required to construct the chosen solution

    • Much less “fear” about engineer / contractor interaction during design phases

    • User costs are highly valued

Innovative Contracting

Innovative contracting10 l.jpg

  • Contractor Concerns

    • If ABC shifts to large scale prefabrication and use of specialty movers, what is the role of the GC?

      • Has implications on profit and responsibility

    • Current contracts involve expensive subs

      • Lack of control of a large portion of the bid price

    • Engineers should not dictate methods of construction

Innovative Contracting

Washington bypass l.jpg
Washington Bypass

Pictures from Flatiron Construction

Txdot pre topped u beams l.jpg

TxDOTPre-Topped U Beams

Freyssinet autoripage system l.jpg


Westlink m7 motorway l.jpg

  • Standard section designed by VSL

  • Works in span by span, balanced cantilever and full span launching

  • Segment size 15m x 3m x 90 metric tons

  • Segments can be made in advance and stockpiled

Westlink M7 Motorway

Full span launching segment delivery l.jpg
Full Span LaunchingSegment Delivery

Full span launching segment placement l.jpg
Full Span LaunchingSegment Placement

Abc bridge foundations l.jpg

ABC Bridge Foundations

Where to from here l.jpg

  • Continue data gathering and reviews

  • Determine what methods have promise

    • New bridge design concepts that better use innovative construction techniques

    • New / refined construction techniques for existing / new bridge concepts

  • Implement new research

  • Coordinate with other SHRP2 projects

    • R02 Foundations

    • R07 Performance Specifications

    • R19 100 yr service life

Where to From Here?

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Thank You

Dr. Francesco M. Russo, P.E.

[email protected]