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Enrichment Clusters

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Enrichment Clusters. 3 rd -5 th Grade Fall 2011. Vintage Adventures Mrs. Baker. 1. Come play the games and do the activities your parents and grandparents grew up doing! Do you know what a pet rock is? Can you make a potholder ? How many jump rope chants do you know?

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enrichment clusters

Enrichment Clusters

3rd-5th Grade

Fall 2011

vintage adventures mrs baker
Vintage AdventuresMrs. Baker


Come play the games and do the activities your parents and grandparents grew up doing!

Do you know what a pet rock is?

Can you make a potholder?

How many jump rope chants do you know?

Can you make an airplane out of newspaper?


Minute to Win It!

Mrs. Thorp


Got a Minute?

Do you like to play games?

Do you like to WIN?

The Minute to Win It cluster is for you!

We will play, create, and design games

that you can take home to play with your family or a friend.

amazing power points


Amazing Power Points!

Learn how to make your Power Points come to life with super fun animations and designs!

Ms. Friesen

It’s so much fun!!!

triple h hula hooping with miss harp
Triple H! Hula Hooping with Miss Harp


Come join Miss Harp as we learn about the life-long skill of hula hooping!

It’s great exercise, and it is a fun way to make new friends and acquire some serious hooping skills! 

learn to draw

Ms. King

Learn to draw!




Still life

Come have fun and learn to draw like an artist!


hoops with ms dowell


Come join the fun in the gym learning basketball skills, the rules of play, and end the class with a fun game of basketball against some of your favorite teammates!

Hoops with Ms. Dowell

s e n s a t i o n a l s c r a p b o o k i n g

Scrapbooking with Ms. Wirt



Join Ms. Wirt in this creative workshop that will take us on a page by page journey through the world of scrapbooking! Every week we will explore a new way to archive our treasured memories and photos, so by the end of our workshop, we will have a beautiful scrapbook to take home and share with family and friends!

number spirals mrs graham


Number SpiralsMrs. Graham

Math is EVERYWHERE, even in art. Use multiples of numbers to create amazing designs using string!

animoto ms angeli



Animoto is a really cool website that allows you to make video slideshows

Click on the link below to see a sample video:


paper craft fun


Paper Craft Fun

Come learn various crafts you can make using paper. Let your artistic side take over as we explore paper as a way to create masterpieces of art!

Mrs. Senn

yoga with ms riordan


Yoga with Ms. Riordan

You will learn relaxation and deep breathing techniques through a series of poses that improve flexibility and relieve stress.

all things harry potter with ms moreno


Origami Golden Snitches

Writing with invisible ink..

Daily Harry Potter Book Trivia…

Reading Tea Leaves

Daily Harry Potter Character Trivia…


Acid Pops

ALL THINGS harry potter!With Ms. Moreno

Have you read all the Harry Potter books and still can’t get enough?

If you love Harry Potter books as much as I do, this is the place for you.

Come dressed in your best HP gear each week and be ready to test your Potter Knowledge and imagination.


Owl Posts

Magical Edible Wands from Ollivander’s

Your own HP glasses

Broom Races

lte garden club


LTE Garden Club

Do you love to be outdoors, have an interest in plants, and enjoy arts and crafts? If so, you should be in the LTE Garden Club. In this Enrichment Class you will enjoy fixing up our garden to make it an enjoyable place to be. Some of the activities you’ll participate in are:

adding new plants to the garden

decorating a flower pot

making your own creative garden art

designing and building a wind chime to add to our garden

Ms. Shanafelt

story telling workshop w ms wood
Story Telling Workshop w/ Ms. Wood


  • Students will learn the elements of storytelling
  • Participate in a variety of activities that will help students overcome shyness so they can be a really good story teller
  • Students will learn:
    • Voice fluctuation (Change tone and quality of voice)
    • Body language
    • Voice characterization (become many characters)
    • Improvise (make up things as you go)
    • Animation (bring things to life that are not usually alive)
    • Students will be able to tell a story to the group
volleyball with ms pe a


Come join us in the gym and learn how to bump, set, and spike in a fast paced, fun-filled game of volleyball! End the class with a game against your favorite teammates as you show off your volleyball skills!

Volleyball with Ms. Peña




Do you like to learn about Egypt?

Do you want to explore Egypt’s history, arts, culture, food or language?

Come and join us to learn more about Egypt through our five senses.

Ms. Wells

ping pong with ms davis


Ping Pongwith Ms. Davis

During this cluster students will learn the rules and regulation of the game ping pong. We will have a singles and doubles tournament to demonstrate our awesome Ping Pong skills!!!

awesome string art with mrs serfoss


Awesome string artWith Mrs. Serfoss

Learn how to create pictures by sewing with string!

jump rope fun f or elementary students


Jump Rope Fun For Elementary Students

You will learn how to jump rope with one and two ropes. The students will also write their own jump rope chants to sing during their sessions.

Presented by Ms. Karen Evans



Make cards to share with friends



Express Yourself

Design a personal journal and discover ways to express yourself through learning fun, creative journal writing exercises.

Ms. Andrus

m 3 m ysteries m yths and m onsters


M3…Mysteries, Myths, and Monsters

We will investigate and become experts

in areas of study including: carnivorous plants, alienology, ghosts of the world, wicked bugs, monsters (such as Nessie, Bigfoot, and the Chupacabra), the Bermuda Triangle, and more…

Ms. Locklear

broadcast video production


Broadcast video production

If you would like to learn how the morning broadcast works behind cameras, this is a great opportunity for you!

5th Grade Only

Ms. Rodriguez

lights camera action ms dauzat


Lights, Camera, Action!Ms. Dauzat

Do you like to read? Do you like to perform? You can do both in this fun class! Come enjoy Reader’s Theater and learn how to be a student actor.

interesting insects


Interesting Insects!

  • What will we do?
  • Run around outside and collect bugs!
  • Observe and preserve them.
  • Classify them.
  • Create a display!
  • HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Join Mrs. Frankhouser to collect and observe all kinds of fascinating insects! If you like science fiction, try science fact!

animal lovers cluster


Animal Lovers’ Cluster

Do you have an interest in learning about all different kinds of animals? Come join this cluster to learn about animal habitats and behaviors.

Ms. Urueta

like percy jackson


Like Percy Jackson?

Want to know more?

Come join the Ancient Cultures cluster to learn about Greek and Roman gods and their myths!

See Ms. Edelen

for more info

learn the ancient art of origami


Learn the ancient art of Origami

Learn where and when this art form originated

Make your own original holiday gifts for friends and family

Learn some basic Japanese phrases

Would you like to learn how to Fold paper into animals, flowers, boxes and other fun objects?

Ms. Becker




Presented by:

Mrs. Rodriguez

allows users to create a visual story (show and tell presentation)

The software allows adding narration, effects, transitions and background music to create a Windows Media Video.

craft sticks challenge


Craft Sticks Challenge

Students will create a different project each week using a specific number of wood craft sticks. Because students will have a limited number of sticks to work with, they will have to use their ingenuity skills to make their projects work according to their plan.

with Mrs. Ramirez

perspective drawing


Perspective Drawing

Are your drawings looking a little flat? Learn

how to draw in 3D.

Room 205 – Ms. Payan

eco kidz composting room 206 mrs kramer


ECO KIDZ CompostingRoom 206 – Mrs. Kramer

What is composting? (The “How-To”)

What can be composted?

Begin composting at LTE

focus on fashion with mrs demco



What will I do:

travel the 20th century through the interesting world of fashion

look at different trends of each era and create similar clothing

create a portfolio with fashion designs

create original fashion designs

just bead it learn to bead in beadwork 101


Room 204 - Mrs. Dodson

Just Bead It!Learn To Bead In Beadwork 101

Let your creativity flow!

Make necklaces, bracelets, hairpins,

and more.

scrabble mania


Have you ever wanted to play scrabble? Do you love the sound of words?

If so Scrabble Mania is the place for you!

  • Students will learn how to play scrabble, as well as boost their word awareness and vocabulary.
  • No experience required!
  • If you are looking to have a great time, and you love using and playing with words; this is the place for you!

Miss Reiter

4th Grade Teacher

Scrabble Mania!
games galore


Games Galore!

Learn and enjoy board games, cards, Jax and more!

girls running group


Girls Running Group

With Mrs. Sherrer

We will:

Focus on endurance


Training Exercises

Build Friendships

Motivate each other

Have Fun!

mexican folk art mrs miller kopp


Mexican Folk Art Mrs. Miller-Kopp

Let’s Explore the Native Art of


Let’s create some great treasures

And teach other about the folk Art

Of Mexico!

puppetry w ms howell


Puppetryw Ms. Howell

We will be creating various types of puppets. At the end of the class, we will present a puppet show.

  • When your class is called you will come to the gym doors
  • Get a clipboard
  • Walk through the hall and write down your 5 favorite choices…remember you may not get your top pick!
  • Turn in your sheet to the person at the door
  • Return to your seat and wait quietly!