construction engineering 380 n.
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Construction Engineering 380

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Construction Engineering 380. Contract Interpretation. Contract Ambiguity. Legal requirements Substantial completion (not strict) Law controls completion, not contract language Must prove causation to collect residual damages (high burden of proof)

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Construction Engineering 380

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construction engineering 380

Construction Engineering 380

Contract Interpretation

contract ambiguity
Contract Ambiguity
  • Legal requirements
    • Substantial completion (not strict)
    • Law controls completion, not contract language
    • Must prove causation to collect residual damages (high burden of proof)
    • Contractor not liable for objectively impossible work specified (use 3rd party standard)
    • Contractor not liable for practically impossible or commercially senseless work specified (use 3rd party standard, must be triggered by an altering event)
contract ambiguity1
Contract Ambiguity
  • Shop Drawings
    • Owner/designer approval does not relieve contractor/supplier of responsibility
    • Contractor must warn owner if design defect is open, obvious, and apparent
    • Waiver- knowingly relinquishing a right (proved by evidence of conduct, not writing)
    • Acceptance- owner can accept work with knowledge of obvious defect
contract ambiguity2
Contract Ambiguity
  • Onerous or exculpatory clauses- contract language that nullifies a fundamental legal right or violated public policy
contract ambiguity3
Contract Ambiguity
  • Scope of work should be clear in the plans and specifications to aid contract interpretation and reduce ambiguity
  • Interpretation of scope involves determination if contract is ambiguous, then application of various rules to determine scope interpretation
contract ambiguity4
Contract Ambiguity
  • Ambiguous contract
    • Two reasonable interpretations
    • Only examine documentary evidence
    • Must understand the claims for determination
    • Absurd interpretations disallowed
    • Onerous, exculpatory, and unconscionable interpretations are disallowed
contract ambiguity5
Contract Ambiguity
  • Application of rules
    • Parol evidence- outside the contract (letters, memos, phone logs, meeting minutes- must be in writing)
    • Patent ambiguity- resolve in favor of drafting party
    • Custom and usage- must be introduced through expert testimony
contract ambiguity6
Contract Ambiguity
  • Course of dealing- prior behaviors between the parties
  • Ordinary meaning- special definitions of words not allowed unless spelled out
  • Implied terms- some work is implied as necessary for completion (used carefully)
  • Whole argument- must follow the spirit of the entire agreement
contract ambiguity7
Contract Ambiguity
  • Clear expression of intent- drafter must make intent obvious or ruling will go to non-drafting party (contra proferentem)
  • Clerical error- clerical errors are ignored unless materially relied upon by non-drafting party
contract ambiguity8
Contract Ambiguity
  • Order of precedence- conflicting provisions are common. Preference given to:
    • Special over general
    • Handwritten over typewritten
    • Typewritten over pre-printed
    • Words over figures