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Commissioned Corps Promotion Process PY 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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Commissioned Corps Promotion Process PY 2011

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Commissioned Corps Promotion Process PY 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Commissioned Corps Promotion Process PY 2011. Angela Mtungwa, M.S. CDR, U.S. Public Health Service Promotion Coordinator Office of Commissioned Corps Operations Div. of Commissioned Corps Officer Support Disclaimer. These slides:

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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commissioned corps promotion process py 2011

Commissioned Corps Promotion Process PY 2011

Angela Mtungwa, M.S.

CDR, U.S. Public Health Service

Promotion Coordinator

Office of Commissioned Corps Operations

Div. of Commissioned Corps Officer Support


These slides:

  • are intended to assist in the presentation
  • are not intended for distribution as a primary source of promotion information.
  • are not intended as reference material.

The Promotion Information page of the CCMIS website has the most current information.

  • Types of Promotion
  • Eligibility
  • The Promotion Board
  • The Promotion Process
  • Scoring
  • Preparation
  • Where to find help
  • Questions
classification of competitive promotions
Classification of Competitive Promotions
  • Temporary (*O-4 and Above)
    • * Medical & Dental Officers: O-4 is non-competitive
  • Permanent
  • Exceptional Proficiency Promotion
eligibility requirements
Eligibility Requirements

Temporary Grade and

Exceptional Proficiency Promotions

  • Training and Experience Credit
  • Time in Service
  • Time in Grade

The effective date is date you meet the last requirement if it is the 1st of the month, or the 1st of the following month.

calculating temporary grade promotion eligibility
Calculating Temporary Grade Promotion Eligibility

Example – LCDR Ima Engineer

  • TED: January 1, 1995 + 17 years = Jan 1, 2012
  • 7 years PHS service (5 years service w/2 in PHS?) 
  • 3 years as an O-4 (2 years as O-4?) 

PYNN – July 1, 20NN to June 30, 20(NN+1)

PY11 runs from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012

PY11 boards meet in Spring 2011

calculating eligibility example 2
Calculating Eligibility Example #2

PYNN – July 1, 20NN to June 30, 20(NN+1)

Example – CDR Ywanna B. Adoc

  • TED: October 1, 1987
  • TIS(Need 9 years service with at least 3 in PHS)
    • Prior Navy with 8 years active duty service
    • CAD in PHS: August 3, 2009
  • TIG(Need 3 years as an O-5)
    • CAD as O-5 on Aug. 3, 2009

What would be the effective date? September 1, 2012

Deadline to update the eOPF? December 31, 2011

+ 24 years = Oct. 1, 2011

+ 3 years = August 3, 2012

+ 3 years = August 3, 2012

exceptional proficiency promotion
Exceptional Proficiency Promotion
  • Nominations are based on the possession of unusual levels of training and/or professional experience, or unique qualifications
  • Officer can only be nominated once per grade
  • Agencies receive quotas
    • 5% of total eligible for EPP in the agency
  • Board is unaware of which officers are EPP nominees and which are eligible in their own right
exceptional proficiency promotion eligibility
Exceptional Proficiency Promotion Eligibility

Must meet TIG. Can meet TED or TIS, but not BOTH

criteria for epp nominations
Criteria for EPP Nominations
  • Officers cannot be eligible in their own right
  • Officer must meet time in grade requirement
  • Officer must be in a billet equal to or greater than the eligible rank
  • Officer is in compliance with all requirements
    • Standards of Conduct
    • Licensure
    • COERs
    • Basic Readiness
exceptional proficiency promotion process
Exceptional Proficiency Promotion Process
  • OCCO will only recognize nominations from HHS STAFFDIV & Agency/OPDIV Heads and Directors of non-HHS agencies to which officers are detailed
    • In other words….Officers cannot nominate themselves
  • An officer will be advised by the agency of the EPP nomination effort, so they can prepare their eOPF.
  • Officer and Reviewing Official Statements must be submitted to the officer’s eOPF by the deadline.
exceptional proficiency promotion14
Exceptional Proficiency Promotion
  • Officers transferring from a nominating agency will be removed from consideration unless:
    • supported by the receiving agency and
    • the receiving agency has not reached it’s 5% quota
  • EPP candidates are subject to all consequences of low scoring or a Not Recommend/Deferral
annual promotion board process

Annual Promotion Board Process

Boards meet in the spring to review officers who will be eligible July of that year to June the following year.

promotion boards
Promotion Boards
  • Fourteen (14) boards

- one for each of 12 categories

- 2 for nurse and 2 for medical

  • 5 board members (and 2 alternates)
    • Diversity: gender, ethnicity, agency, & geography
    • At least 1 officer from outside DC
  • 98 O-6 officers required each year
promotion boards17
Five (5) Promotion Board Members

Appointed by the Surgeon General

All O-6 officers and as practical, all or at least three will be from your Category

Can only serve once every three years

Bound by an oath to maintain confidentiality

Promotion Boards
promotion boards18



Continuing Education Summary


Letters of appreciation



Promotion Boards

What do they see?

promotion boards19
Medical information

Compensation information

Personal information: marriage/divorce, birth certificates, insurance

Previous board scores

Previous OS/ROS

Readiness Status

Documents that haven’t been submitted

Promotion Boards

What they do not see

category benchmarks
Category Benchmarks
  • Your professional category has established specific category benchmarks and expectations that they recommend in order to attain maximum promotion consideration
  • Each board is given the benchmarks to determine the “best qualified officer”
best qualified officer
Best Qualified Officer
  • A level of professional achievement, as defined by your category’s benchmarks, indicating the highest level of preparation and readiness for promotion to the next higher rank.
  • Precepts 1, 4, and 5 are the same for each category; 2 and 3 are category-specific
  • Benchmarks are Guidelines, not requirements - an officer can’t necessarily do it all.
the official personnel folder and officer s statement

The Official Personnel Folder andOfficer’s Statement

Your only opportunity to place items before the Promotion Board.

officer s statement
Officer’s Statement
  • One page document allowing you to summarize:
      • Your support of PHS activities
      • Your commitment to visibility as an officer
      • Your vision and expectations of a career in the PHS Commissioned Corps, including commitment to the PHS mission
  • Submitted through the eOPF fax line
  • Indexed in the COER section of the eOPF

(But not related to the COER)

reviewing official statement
Reviewing Official Statement
  • The ROS allows the Agency to provide input:
    • Promotion Readiness
    • Leadership Attributes
    • Contributions to the Mission
  • Reviewing Official is typically the 2nd line supervisor (your supervisor’s supervisor)
  • Must be submitted through your liaison
  • Indexed in the COER section of the eOPF.
promotion board scoring
Promotion Board Scoring

Promotion Board scoring has two parts:

    • An overall recommendation for promotion
      • Recommend
      • Not Recommend
      • Defer (Temporary grade only)
    • A numerical score for creating the rank order list
  • A Recommend alone does not ensure an officer is promoted.
  • A Not Recommend ensures an officer DOES NOT get promoted and faces further review.
recommended or not recommended
Recommended or Not Recommended
  • Recommend – If the success rate was 100%, this officer should be promoted.
  • Not Recommend – This officer should not be promoted and should be reviewed for retention.
  • Defer (T grade only) – This officer is not ready for promotion to the next rank.
  • Majority rules – the overall recommendation is determined by the majority: 3 of 5 board members
promotion board numerical scoring
Promotion Board Numerical Scoring

Each precept is scored 0 – 100 by each board member


    • For each officer
    • Excluding Precept 5 (Basic Readiness)
  • Scores are averaged to obtain a Precept Score
  • (Precept Score) x (Precept Weight) = Points
  • Points are added to obtain a Total Score
  • The Total Score determines the rank order list





76.25 + 5 = 81.25 if basic qualified at the pre-board check

review of scores
Review of Scores

Once all board members have scored all the officers, they review the findings to:

  • Compare rank orders among the board members
  • Discuss any obvious outliers
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency of scoring
  • Discuss all “Not Recommends” and “Defers”
success rates
Success Rates
  • Determined by the ASH based on requirements of the Corps in each grade
  • Two restrictions: Category and Grade
  • Once the rank order is completed, the success rate is applied for each restriction
  • (# of officers eligible) x (success rate) = # of officers promoted
example of rank order list
Example of Rank Order List

Medical Officer Eligible for Temporary O-5

  • 35 medical officers eligible for T05
  • Success rate of 45%

35 x .45 = 15.75 → Rounded to 16

On the rank order list, draw a line under the officer ranked 16th. His/her total score becomes the cutoff score.

copy of rank order list36
Copy of Rank Order List


Not successful

All were recommended but not successful

identical scores tie breakers
Identical Scores(Tie Breakers)
  • Higher permanent grade has relative standing over lower permanent grade
  • Seniority Credit Date (PIR)
  • Years of active duty PHS Commissioned Corps Service
  • Years of active duty service in any Uniformed Service and at any rank
unsuccessful promotion attempts
Unsuccessful Promotion Attempts

Amendment to the Three and Freeze Policy for Temporary Grade

All officers who:

  • Are “recommended” by the Promotion Board, but not successful, will continue to be eligible for review in the future.
      • Except those who scored in the bottom 10%for 3 consecutive years will be referred to a Retention Review Board
  • Fail to meet basic readiness standards will receive a Not Recommend and will be referred to a Retention Review Board.
    • Excluding officers with a previously approved waiver in place
  • Receive a Not Recommend from the Promotion Board will be referred to a Retention Review Board.
  • Score in the bottom 25%and are not successful, will be required to engage in career counseling with their supervisor and CPO.
administrative requirements
Administrative Requirements

Regardless of score, these must be met in order to be promoted

  • Annual COERs on file (last 5 years) (T grade)
  • A current satisfactory COER
  • Valid license, if required
  • No current or pending adverse actions
  • Meet & maintain basic level of readiness*

Permanent Grade Only

    • Current 5 year physical exam in MAB
    • Report of Medical History (DD2807-1) and “Disclosure Statement” within 1 year in MAB
to receive any promotion
To Receive any Promotion
  • Officers Must Meetand Maintain Basic Readiness Status
  • OCCO performs a pre-board (Dec. 2010) and a post-board (March 2011) Readiness check
  • Officers not Basic Ready at the pre-board check will receive an automatic Not Recommend* for promotion.
  • Officers not Basic Ready at the post-board check will be removed from the promotion pool, regardless of score.
  • *Temporary grade – Also referred to a Retention Review Board
what s going to help you get promoted
What’s going to help YOU get promoted?

Take responsibility for your promotion

  • Ensure your eOPF and PIR are accurate
    • Corrections may be sent to
  • Be aware of visual presentation of documents
    • appealing to the eye
    • not overwhelming
      • beware of small font
      • more isn’t necessarily better
  • Review the precepts and benchmarks
  • Seek counseling from a senior officer in your category
  • Promotion preparation is a marathon, not a sprint
other helpful tips
Other Helpful Tips
  • Ensure all documents are in your eOPF
  • Go beyond performance
  • Know what your category values
  • Continuing Education Summary Sheet
  • When possible, fax all documents together with one cover sheet.
  • Use titles matching the eOPF sections
  • Know your Reviewing Official
  • Prepare early
in summary promotion preparation is your responsibility
In Summary:Promotion PreparationIS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Officers should review the following:

  • Electronic Official Personnel File (eOPF)
      • Fax: 301-480-1436 or 301-480-1407
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Continuing Education Summary Sheet
    • Commissioned Officers Effectiveness Reports (COER)
    • Officer’s Statement (OS)
promotion preparation cont d
Promotion Preparation cont’d.

Officers should review the following:

  • Reviewing Official Statement (ROS)
  • Career Counseling/Category Benchmarks
  • Licensure/Certifications
  • Basic Readiness Requirements
  • MAB Requirements for Permanent Promotion
    • Physical exam within 5 years
    • DD-2807-1 “Report of Medical History”
    • Signed “Disclosure Statement”
  • Promotion Information Report (PIR)
  • These slides are intended to assist in the promotion presentation and are not intended for distribution as a primary source of promotion information
  • These slides are not intended as reference material
  • Please reference the Promotion Information website ( ) for the most current and accurate information
  • Book: 1, Chapter: 2, Section 2, Instruction: 01
  • Book: 3, Chapter: 3, Sections 1, 2, and 3
  • Promotion info page:
  • or 240-453-6036
    • include your PHS number for all non-generic questions