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Traveling Tips

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Traveling Tips
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Traveling Tips

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  1. Traveling Tips

  2. Facts: • Visas: Must have a Visa • Health Risks: Sunburn, heat exhaustion, drowning • Time: There are three time zones: Eastern Standard Time is UTC +10; Central Time is UTC + 9.5; and Western Time UTC +8 • Electricity: 220-240V • Weights & Measures: metric

  3. When to Go? Any time is a good time to be in Australia. Summer (December to February) can get uncomfortably hot just about anywhere in Australia ( you definitely don’t want to come here for a winter ski vacation!). This time of year is great beach weather and great melanoma weather. Up north this is wet season, its very humid, it is also beautifully green and free of tourists. From June until August things cool down and dry up. This is a good time to visit Queensland or the outback. This time is the best for skiing in NSW and Victoria. Over all spring and autumn are the safest bets if you want good weather and beautiful scenery. If you want to avoid holiday road chaos. Don’t arrive in Australia at Easter or just before Christmas.

  4. $Money$ & Costs If your coming from Europe or USA, Australia is going to look pretty cheap. Everything is pretty much reasonably priced. Travel will be your biggest expenses because of the long distances.

  5. Attractions Great Barrier Reef Ulura Sydney Brisbane Cairns Melbourne

  6. OFF ROAD! Great Ocean Road-One of the most spectacular coastal drives in the world. Kakadu National Park- Has some of the best Aboriginal rock art The Kimberley- Rugged remote area, great rivers, and magnificent scenery Snowy Mountains- Includes all of the states ski resorts, rugged alpine scenery, caves, glacial lakes and forests Alice Springs- A little flavor of dessert Barossa Valley- Best known wine producing region Broome- Has Asian feel but a bit of tropical cosmopolitan, and location of Cable Beach Flinders Ranges- The picture of outback Australia. Freycinet Peninsula- Features secluded beaches and coves, rare plant and animal life

  7. What shall I do today? I could go bike riding, scuba diving, canoeing, hiking, surfing, So much to do so little time!