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Tips for staying healthy while traveling PowerPoint Presentation
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Tips for staying healthy while traveling

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Tips for staying healthy while traveling
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Tips for staying healthy while traveling

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  1. Tips for staying healthy while traveling Traveling canMap Destinations provide us with the ease of opportunities to learn different cultures, new languages, taste different foods and meet various people from different walks of life. The most important feature of traveling is one may be able to see new locations and place.

  2. 1. Be consciously aware: - Awareness helps you make better choices. It tells you to stop eating when you’re full. Conscious awareness also helps you to know what your body likes and doesn't like. What makes it sick? What creeps the weight back in? What food makes it feel most alive and energized? Travelling can bring stress – awareness will let you know you’re in that place of frustration. If you want better health while traveling, you've got to live consciously.

  3. 2. Pack your prescription medication: - If you’re taking prescription medication, be sure to bring along enough for the duration of your trip. It would be unwise to assume that you can find what you need in a foreign pharmacy.

  4. 3. Wash Your Hands and Sanitize: - Washing your hands frequently is therefore an absolute must, especially before eating. You can also carry around a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you for when water and soap are not available. The importance of washing your hands and keeping small sanitizing gels/wipes around. Need to go into depth about how or why you should wash your hands. It keeps you and others healthy. Always travel with a small pack of hand sanitizer and cleansing wipes too just in case there is no access to water and soap.

  5. 4. Choose Healthy Foods: - Eat a healthy breakfast. We love eating treats all day and trying things on trips, but we try to have a healthy breakfast that will fuel us for the day. Healthy food rules are probably the first to go out the window while traveling. If you’re staying in a hotel room, try to stop at a nearby market and pick up bottled water, fresh fruit, and snacks like granola bars so you can grab quick, healthy nourishment between meetings or sight-seeing rather than head for the mini-bar or vending machines.

  6. If you are going to indulge in one meal, maybe take it easy and eat something lighter for the next meal. Another great tip is to go to the local markets or grocery stores to buy fresh produce and eat that for meals or snacks. 5. Make exercise a daily adventure: - While daily exercise is important whether you’re traveling or not, you may also want to consider increasing your physical activity if you’ll be particularly active on your trip to help prepare your body for long walks or hikes. Doctors have found that exercise can boost your immune system by providing a boost to the cells in your body that are assigned to attack bacteria.

  7. Even if you didn't have an exercise schedule before you left home, now is the time to start one. Trying to keep to an exercise schedule will ultimately result in you trying to keep a normal day to day schedule. Those down moments on the road will be less likely if you’re keeping active.Article Source:-