colorado state 4 h competitive trail riding horse project l.
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Colorado State 4-H Competitive Trail Riding Horse Project PowerPoint Presentation
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Colorado State 4-H Competitive Trail Riding Horse Project

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Colorado State 4-H Competitive Trail Riding Horse Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Colorado State 4-H Competitive Trail Riding Horse Project The Competitive Trail Riding Program will be a new part of the existing Horse Project The Core Concepts stressed: *Safe Horsemanship *Trail Riding Skills *Leadership

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Colorado State 4-H Competitive Trail Riding Horse Project

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the core concepts stressed
The Core Concepts stressed:

*Safe Horsemanship

*Trail Riding Skills*Leadership

*Ethical Development*Personal Responsibility*Family Involvement*Lifetime Recreational Skills


Helping youth develop life skillsWhich life skills can be taught and practiced in Competitive Trail Riding?

how does the public utilize their horses
How does the public utilize their horses
  • Recreational riding
  • Trail riding
  • Hobby to share with families
  • The majority of horse owners do not show their horses.
who can participate how can you be involved
Who can participate? How can you be involved?

4-H Members – Participate in the pilot, clinics, competition, read the curriculum, do the project.

Parents- Read the curriculum with youth, ride with them, help them develop a conditioning program.

Leaders – read the curriculum, put together mini-clinics, organize group rides.

Agents- read the curriculum, organize ride practices or competitions, identify resource people.

  • Any breed of horse, pony, mule or donkey may be used.
  • Must be sound enough to be ridden for 1-2 hrs 5 days a week.
  • Have basic training
    • Stand tied
    • Load in trailer
    • Be under control at the walk and trot
    • Stay calm on trail rides, with and without other horses
tack and attire
Tack and Attire
  • Riding Helmet, sturdy boots/shoes with heels
  • Saddle- any style should fit horse and rider light weight is preferable
  • Bridle- any style, that offers the rider the control they require, and allows a halter to be worn underneath.
riding skills
Riding Skills
  • Level 1
  • Control at walk, trot and canter
  • Ability to mount unaided
  • Ability to saddle and bridle horse
time commitment
Time Commitment
  • A basic conditioning program requires 8 weeks.
  • Riding 1-2 hours 4 days a week.
  • Longer rides once each week.
  • Developing a conditioning program with the competition date in mind.
goals we hope participants will achieve
Goals we hope participants will achieve:
  • Horsemanship skills for outside the arena
  • Learn how to take their horse’s vital signs.
  • Basic care techniques
  • Keep a records of conditioning training
  • Develop a conditioning program
  • Certification in Red Cross First Aid program
  • Develop Equine first aid
  • Make you and your horse into a team.
  • Develop a relationship and trust with your horse
record book
Record Book
  • Use the current Horse/Livestock record book.
  • There will be a supplement to the record book consisting of a conditioning record.
    • Minimum of 8 weeks
    • Including pulse, respiration and time for cardio- recovery
    • Distance traveled and time ridden each session
scheduled events
Scheduled Events
  • Work on this project pilot will start in the fall of 2007, after state fair
  • Clinic dates and locations for the pilot are:
    • 1/26/08 Introductory Clinic, Urban Farm, Denver, CO
    • 2/9/08 Introductory Clinic, Saddle Ridge Farm, Loveland, CO
    • 3/5/08 Introductory Clinic, Garfield County Fairgrounds, Rifle CO
    • 2/23/08 Action Clinic, Urban Farm, Denver, CO
    • 3/15/08 Action Clinic, Last Resort Equestrian Center, Wellington, CO
    • 4/13/08 Action Clinic, Garfield County Fairgronuds, Rifle CO
  • First competition rides are scheduled for Spring of 2008. The dates will be announced by October 1, 2007
spin off projects
Spin off projects!
  • Back country horsemanship and expansion of wilderness education
  • MAU Mounted Assistance Unit/Crowd Control
  • SAR: Search and Rescue/evidence maintenance and first responder education
  • Orienteering and use of GPS (Geo-caching)
  • Packing/Hunting
  • Teach Safe Horsemanship for Trail Riding
  • Practice Leadership
  • Family Interactive FUN!
  • Responsibility
  • Ethics
  • Lifetime Recreational Skills