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Horse Riding

Horse Riding

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Horse Riding

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  1. Horse Riding riding strategies Taking care of the horse Lessons Riders Bibliography

  2. Riding I have been doing horse riding for three years now with my sister Elyse. I started off at Beltainpark but have since changed to Wandin Riding Academy as Beltain Park only taught you the basics.

  3. Strategies In Horse Riding, you need a lot of balance to keep yourself on the horse in the right position and you also need a lot of concentration as you don’t want to get to close to the horse in front of you because they might started to kick.

  4. Ability When abilities your abilities of horse riding start to expand you usually get moved up onto a horse of a higher standard. This has happened to me and I got moved onto a horse named Joker who was even taller than me!

  5. Taking Care Of The Horse After you have ridden a horse on a hot day, you need to wash them as they become sweaty. When washing, You need to tie the horses lead rope to something as when you are washing them they might walk away. You have to wash them with horse shampoo and other products or if they are just a little sweaty you can give them a quick hose down.

  6. Lessons In our lessons, we walked, trotted and cantered. We did jumping and dressage, but my most favourite of all was when we went to the cross country arena and did cross country which is a series of jumps.

  7. Riders When riders are around horses they must be wearing a helmet and their horse riding gear at all times which includes: *Jodhpurs *Horse riding top *Boots *Helmet *Gloves * Whip (if required)

  8. Bibliography • Google Images (slide 5&8) • Clipart (slide 4)