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Two EIRs Completed Together PowerPoint Presentation
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Two EIRs Completed Together

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Two EIRs Completed Together - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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San Rafael Rock Quarry Amended Surface Mining and Quarrying Permit EIR Comparison of SRRQ Proposal with PSRC Analysis and Position. Two EIRs Completed Together. Reclamation Plan (ARP). Quarry Permit (AQP). Operational Requirements

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San Rafael Rock Quarry Amended Surface Mining and Quarrying Permit EIRComparison of SRRQ Proposal withPSRC Analysis and Position
two eirs completed together
Two EIRs Completed Together

Reclamation Plan (ARP)

Quarry Permit (AQP)

Operational Requirements

Request to expand beyond the 1982 non-conforming limits on the property .

Property was rezoned to residential n 1982 due to owners (Basalt) report of closure of mine in 1998.

City then approved building of homes around the quarry.

  • 15-17 years of reclamation in 4 phases, “with most reclamation during quarrying rather than after quarry activity ended”
  • Moving 2 million cubic yards of earth back and forth for 17 years – stockpiling, berm
  • Flood quarry bowl, create marina, commercial & residential devclopment
what the aqp proposes
What the AQP Proposes
  • Quarrying & blasting of Bowl to -400’ and South Hill
  • Crush, sort and stockpile earth & rock
  • Load barges
  • Load & weigh commercial trucks that transport material over Pt. San Pedro Road
  • Operate asphalt batch plant
what the aqp proposes1
What the AQP Proposes

Crushing Plant Hours:

  • 7 am to 10pm May through November
  • 7 am to 5 pm December through April
  • Saturdays and Sundays included

Barge Loading:

  • Year long 7 am to 10 pm

Trucking Material

  • Year long 7am to 5pm Monday – Friday except in declared emergencies
  • 250 one way trips = 65,000 truck trips per year

These conditions are fundamentally the current Interim Operating Conditions that SRRQ has operated under since 2004

what the aqp proposes2
What the AQP Proposes
  • Increase the baseline from 1982
  • FEIR responded to concerned comments that proposal was seeking to increase beyond 1982 baseline by seeking other cases to justify the proposals increases:
  • “ Environmental setting entitlement to generate the number of truck trips per day necessary to haul maximum amount of material that the quarry entitled to extract.”
coalition s analysis position
Coalition’s Analysis & Position
  • FEIR is seriously flawed
  • FEIR on one hand acknowledges heath risks posed by Quarry emissions
  • Then proposes to excuse SRRQ by giving offset credits for not polluting at the maximum allowable extent at some facility at another location.
psrc analysis and position
PSRC Analysis and Position
  • Quarry’s use of outdated equipment and techniques
  • But FEIR does not require immediate implementation of well known industry “best practices” to reduce related health risks.
  • Allows 2 more years of “study” situation and implement AFTER receiving a permit
  • Continued dispersion of know dangerous air pollutants by Quarry poses significant, unnecessary & avoidable public health risk that should not be allowed.
why feir fails
Why FEIR Fails

Expanding open strip mining in a residential area without first determining a set of best practices that protect public safety and would be sensible and appropriate

Unabated distribution of known carcinogens

Twice as many daily truck trips as should be permitted

why feir fails con t
Why FEIR Fails (con’t)

Waste disposal, in violation of Court Order, in the northeast quadrant, adjacent to McNears Park.

Construction of a building development pad in the northeast quadrant before any development plan is submitted or approved.

Without adequate study, a plan to blast out side of main pit and flood pit when operations cease.

what to do about feir
What To Do About FEIR
  • Adopt REDUCED ALTERNATIVE with modifications
  • Determine & require best mining practices BEFORE giving permit.
  • Monitor & analyze air quality adequately
  • Impose required emission mitigations
what to do about feir1
What To Do About FEIR
  • Enforce proper BASELINE of historically permitted activity
    • Trucking & barging limits
    • Waste disposal limits
  • Ensure blasting practices are contained so residents are not traumatized by blasting vibrations
  • Evaluate feasibility of flooding main pit
reduced alternative includes
REDUCED Alternative Includes:
  • Limits rock and asphalt production to 1982 levels
  • Phase in best practices over 2-year period
  • Various blasting restrictions
  • Wash & tarp loaded trucks leaving quarry
  • Use state of art vacuum sweeper
  • Reduction of daily truck trips by 50% from interim conditions (excess to be barged out)
  • Limit operating hours to business days 7am to 5pm (except emergencies)
choose reduced alternative with these modifications
Choose REDUCED Alternative With these modifications

Permit Review:

  • Permit to be reviewed every 3 years to ensure it remains appropriate in light of changes/complaints since permit issuance or last review.

Air Quality Monitoring

  • County to maintain continuous and episodic air quality monitoring
with modifications
With Modifications

Best Practices Study

  • Needed before permit is granted

Final Permit Condition

  • Temporary permit to be issued to expire upon implementation of best practices study.

Noise Suppression

  • All barges equipped with concrete pads over steel hulls.
  • Conveyors & transfer points to be covered and rubberized.
  • Study covering possible operations
with modifications1
With modifications

Spraying/Reduce Dust

  • Regular spraying of dust piles/road services with safe suppressants
  • Create complaint resolution mechanism


  • Reduce blasting peak particle velocity (measured inside structures, not at ground).
  • Reduce explosive pounds per delay
with modifications2
With Modifications

Noise Ordinance

  • Measure noise impacts every 15 minutes rather than averaging over 24-hour period.
last public hearing on eir related to operating permit
Last Public Hearing on EIR Related to Operating Permit

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


3501 Civic Center Drive

Board of Supervisors’ Hearing Room 330

San Rafael, CA 94903

Marin Board of Supervisors3501 Civic Center Drive, Room 329San Rafael, CA 94903Phone (415) 499-7331 Fax: (415) 499-3645
  • District 1:

Dr. Susan

  • District 2:

Harold Brown

  • District 3:


  • District 4:


  • District 5: