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What to Expect

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What to Expect. In Your Economic Gardening Engagement. What is Economic Gardening?. An economic development program Focused on “growing your own” companies As opposed to hunting companies Coined by Phil Burgess Focused strictly on growth companies in Iowa that fit some basic criteria . .

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what to expect

What to Expect

In Your Economic Gardening Engagement

what is economic gardening
What is Economic Gardening?
  • An economic development program
  • Focused on “growing your own” companies
    • As opposed to hunting companies
    • Coined by Phil Burgess
  • Focused strictly on growth companies in Iowa that fit some basic criteria.
where did it come from
Where did it come from?
  • Developed in Littleton, Colorado 1987
  • 25 year results
    • Jobs 15,000 – 30,000
    • Sales tax $6 – 20 million
    • Population growth 23%
  • No recruitment of companies
  • No incentives
what makes it different
What Makes It Different?
  • Focus on Stage II growth companies
  • Focus on strategic issues
  • High end, sophisticated corporate level tools
  • Deep underlying scientific principles
      • Used in five frameworks for dealing with classes of business problems
what kind of help will i get
What Kind of Help Will I Get?
  • Strategic Information
    • Market research
    • Competitor intelligence
    • Industry trends
    • Custom research
  • Strategic Frameworksfor five classes of business problems
    • Market dynamics
    • Core strategy
    • Innovation
    • Qualified sales leads
    • Team dynamics
what will i not get
What Will I Not Get
  • Operational assistance
  • Implementation
  • Financial analysis
  • Primary research
    • Focus groups, surveys, etc.
    • Recommendations
so how will this unfold
So how will this unfold?
  • Initial interview with call leader (1-2 hours)
  • Phone call with full team to clarify information and develop research tasks
  • Information (and emails) posted on “Greenhouse’ collaboration web site
  • Follow up explanations from specialists
  • Close out
how long will it take
How long will it take?
  • You will get about 40 hours of high quality assistance from our team
  • They will focus on one or two major issues
  • The engagement will wrap up in about three weeks
what kind of tools do you use
What kind of tools do you use?
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Web marketing
    • Competitor strategies
  • Geographic Info Systems
    • Qualified sales leads
    • Heat maps
  • Database research
    • Market info
    • Competitor intelligence
    • Industry trends
what are these new sciences
What are these New Sciences?
  • New sciences being developed around biological systems
    • Business as biology
  • Complexity
  • Systems Thinking
  • Temperament
  • Network Economics
how will we work together
How will we work together?
  • Not consultants
    • Not deep in your industry
    • Do not make recommendations
  • Extensionof your team
    • Give best info to make decisions
    • Framework for trouble shooting problems
    • Work quickly, hand in glove
do i get qualified sales leads
Do I get qualified sales leads?
  • Core Strategy
  • Market Dynamics
  • Innovation
  • Temperament
  • Marketing/Qualified Sales Leads
examples of research
Examples of Research
  • Wire harness competitors
  • USDA outlook for trucking industry
  • Pest management associations
  • Niche applications for barge rental
  • Medical supply industry report
  • Bloggers in construction industry
  • Hearing instrument customer profiles
ceo feedback
CEO Feedback
  • “Loved the depth and detail”
  • We will add employees sooner than expected based on this assistance”
  • “Particularly appreciated help in understanding Google Analytics and page ranking”
  • “Lifestyle info was extremely valuable for our pilot launch”
  • “Excited about how to use keywords to pursue opportunities in the disaster recovery arena”
how to get the most of the program
How to get the most of the program
  • Use this project as a time to review strategy  
  • Bring in key personnel
  • Speak with each specialist and the team leader
  • Ask a lot of questions
welcome to the program
Welcome to the program
  • Questions about expectations
  • Next steps
  • Give us feedback
  • Dan Beenken, Director
    • 319-273-4322
    • Dan.Beenken@advanceiowa.edu