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STEEP Data Management

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STEEP Data Management. Ease, Reliability, Power. STEEP Data Management. Goal: Make it simple to implement RTI correctly Select Students who Need Intervention Select an appropriate intervention Using a validated standard protocol Monitor Progress System monitors data on rate of learning

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steep data management

STEEP Data Management

Ease, Reliability, Power

steep data management2
STEEP Data Management
  • Goal: Make it simple to implement RTI correctly
    • Select Students who Need Intervention
    • Select an appropriate intervention
      • Using a validated standard protocol
    • Monitor Progress
      • System monitors data on rate of learning
      • Zero in quickly on students who don’t respond to intervention
use any screening method
Use any Screening Method
  • System will easily manage any method of screening including
    • DIBELS
    • STEEP
    • TPRI (Texas Primary Reading Inventory)
    • Any other method.
  • Use any standard
    • Completely customizable such that districts can evaluate student scores relative to any standard
      • View students with respect to DIBELS, state, school or district standards or benchmarks (Unique to STEEP).
  • Early literacy Benchmark data from DIBELS
  • CBM benchmark data for any type of assessment using any benchmark
  • Middle and high school benchmark data
  • Tier 2 and Tier 3 intervention data
  • Progress monitoring data for IEP goals in special education.
new to data management
New to Data Management?
  • What can you do with a data management system?
    • Basic users (about 90% of all users)
      • Enter benchmark and progress monitoring scores
      • Review reports for benchmark and progress monitoring
    • Advanced users
      • Examine student level and rate of performance aggregated by school, teacher, NCLB subgroups, etc.
      • “Drill down” into the data
  • STEEP is simple for basic users with the power needed for advanced users.
using the data system
Using the Data System
  • Steps
    • Enter students
    • Enter screening scores
    • Select students for intervention
    • Monitor intervention use and student outcomes
    • Evaluate success

Working with the System is Easy

Quickly know
    • Which students need intervention (those in red)
    • Which students are low because of motivation
    • Whether there are Tier 1 issues

DIBELS Initial Sound Fluency

Determine Quickly who is in “Red” on DIBELS

Then let system recommend an intervention.

teachers receive written reports to guide intervention planning
Teachers Receive Written Reports to Guide Intervention Planning
  • Sample Report Segment:
    • “LANASHA KOHN appears to have a WON'T DO Problem. This means that academic performance increased markedly when an incentive was offered. Typically this means that the child can perform this skill but does not always perform in line with their ability. “
intervention selection
Intervention Selection
  • Select students needing intervention:
    • After screening, the data system will automatically select and list those students who need intervention.
  • Select Intervention. (Unique to STEEP)
    • The system will then automatically select the type of reading intervention a student needs
    • Using STEEP standard protocol.
    • Can be used with DIBELS and others systems
which students need help
Which Students Need Help?
  • User or System Can Select Students Needing Intervention
system will list students needing assistance
System will list Students Needing Assistance

User Can Then Select Students to Proceed with Intervention Planning and Setup

systems determines specific intervention needed
Systems Determines Specific Intervention Needed
  • System Coaches users to:
    • Gather additional assessment information if needed
    • System evaluates screening data and any additional assessment data and specifies intervention to match student need.

Unique to STEEP

during intervention
During Intervention
  • Progress Monitoring Data is Entered and Continuously Monitored by Data System
  • Intervention Fidelity is Monitored
    • Intervention Data is Continuously Monitored by professionals and entered into system
    • iSTEEP has partnered with third party intervention companies and will soon make available automatic real time monitoring of intervention usage for specific web based interventions.
automatic setup of progress monitoring
Automatic Setup of Progress Monitoring
  • Progress goals can be set based upon research based standards, local standards or any other standard.
  • Aimline is automatically drawn.
students can help enter their score to improve motivation
Students Can “Help” Enter Their Score to Improve Motivation
  • This graph is animated and child friendly
advanced users
Advanced Users
  • Power Users will Appreciate the Ability to
    • Aggregate data on any variable
  • Principals can look across their school
  • Superintends can perform comparisons across schools
  • District Norming is Easy
progress by teacher
Progress by Teacher
  • Which teachers in a school show the most progress.
  • Which teachers need support.
  • What strategies are working for the teacher on the right?

This Graph Shows the average increase in WRC per week. (The emerging metric for RTI)

Drill down—for low performing classes, which specific students are not making progress?

assessment by race
Assessment by Race

This graph suggests possible Tier 1 Problems for Hispanic Students

aggregation by all nclb subgroups for level and slope
Aggregation by All NCLB Subgroups for Level and Slope

Rate of Student Progress

Level of Student Performance

Use for Goal Setting

average progress in grade 2
Average Progress in Grade 2

The mean (in Red) and other statistics useful for norming by grade within schools or across multiple schools.

superintendents view across 8 schools
Superintendents View Across 8 Schools

Rate of Growth for 8 Schools

Score Levels at start of year for 8 Schools


STEEP: Validated and Proven Practices




Monitor Progress


Contact: iSTEEP, LLC

Miyo Chun, PhD

Joe Witt, PhD