mrs schreckler 6 th grade resource n.
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Mrs. Schreckler 6 th Grade Resource

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Mrs. Schreckler 6 th Grade Resource - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Schreckler 6 th Grade Resource. *Math *Language Arts *Math Intervention *Old-fashioned Game Club (You have to talk to play!). About Mrs. Schreckler…. Lived in AZ for 10.5 years, prior Independence, MO (Home of Harry S. Truman) and Lee’s Summit, MO. Married to Jeff for 25 years.

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Mrs. Schreckler 6 th Grade Resource

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mrs schreckler 6 th grade resource

Mrs. Schreckler6th Grade Resource


*Language Arts

*Math Intervention

*Old-fashioned Game Club (You have to talk to play!)

about mrs schreckler
About Mrs. Schreckler…

Lived in AZ for 10.5 years, prior Independence, MO (Home of Harry S. Truman) and Lee’s Summit, MO.

Married to Jeff for 25 years.

One amazing daughter, Morgan, Sophomore at DV.

Most lovable dog, Latte.

BS in Business/HR Management- Career in business for over 20 years.

Masters in Special Education- 7th year at CMS .

What I do for fun at this time? Driving to volleyball, watching volleyball, videoing volleyball, and updating volleyball website. Hiking (cooler weather), reading, spending time with family, and traveling to volleyball tournaments/camps.

resource math transmath intervention program
Resource MathTransMath Intervention Program

Level 1 (Green Book) : Program has a calculation and problem solving lesson per day. TransMath Workbook is provided for in-class work, and assessment book is provided for two quizzes and one assessment for each unit. A book will not be sent home, however, book is accessible on-line.

With each lesson a printed homework page for practice is sent home and due the following day which is worth 5 points.

For incentive/reward, on Friday if all practice homework has been turned in at that time, students will be allowed to play interactive V-Math Live practicing what they have learned. If they have not finished their homework, they will have to complete any unfinished work prior to participating in the fun!

Supplies: Pencils, pencils, and more pencils!

resource language arts
Resource Language Arts

Reading: Corrective Reading (intervention program for decoding and fluency); Holt Adapter (reading stories general education class reads, but modified); stories of high interest for additional comprehension practice and test taking strategies.

Grammar: nouns/verbs/adjectives/adverbs, etc. for better sentence writing and speaking.

Writing: Step-Up-to-Writing-breaking it down

Using computer for writing: Read and Write Gold.

Supplies: 2 composition notebooks, pencils, pencils, and more pencils!

old fashioned game club
“Old-Fashioned Game Club”

Read and follow directions of game

Play fair and be a good sport

Be a team player, when necessary

Figure out strategies

Create own game

Have fun and laugh!!!

Supplies: If we don’t have, bring your favorite game to share!

all about mrs nielsen
All about Mrs. Nielsen…

Married to Peter for years.

Have three sons, Ryan, Sean, and Shay.

Grandmother to Patrick and Autum.

Have four dogs, Nacho, Teako, Lilly, and Daisy.

Worked in Kyrene School District for years.

special ed services
Special Ed Services

3-Year Re-Evaluation is when IEP team meets with the school psychologist, Dr. Kelly Kimbrell, to determine if testing is needed in order for continued special education services.

Annual IEP is when the IEP team meets annually to update/develop IEP to best assist in student’s educational needs for success.

grading criteria
Grading Criteria

Percentages are based on accumulated values of projects, tests, quizzes, in-class work, homework and class participation.

100-90% = A

89 – 80%= B

79 – 70% = C

69 – 60% = D

Below 59% = F

class expectations 3 ps
Class Expectations: 3-Ps

Prepared: Have needed supplies each class period; follow class routine in being ready at beginning of class and working on any warm-up activity; turning in homework on time.

Performing: Trying our best at everything we do in class, including participation and volunteering.

Polite: Raise hand to speak; enter and exit room quietly; use manners; be respectful to teacher and classmates, including listening; and be NICE as we are a family!

parent resources
Parent Resources

ParentVue– Check grades and if any missing assignments

Centennial Web Page, Classroom Web Pages, Teacher Web Pages

Email: The most effective way to communicate to student’s teachers:

first week of school learning goal is
First week of school Learning Goal is:

For students to be familiar with the CMS campus. I will give tours until I feel students are comfortable with the locations of their classes and restrooms.

For students to be familiar with the CMS Cafeteria. Lunches from home are always a good idea too!

For students to locate their bus or parent pick-up.