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Martin Luther. The Father of the Reformation. Background Information. A Monk in The Church. “ The Church” was the Christian Church of the world. ¨The church’s headquarters was in Rome. ¨Known today as the Catholic Church. Trouble….

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Martin luther

Martin Luther

The Father of the Reformation

Background information
Background Information

A Monk in The Church.

“The Church” was the Christian Church of the world.

¨The church’s headquarters was in Rome.

¨Known today as the Catholic Church.


As a monk for the church, he had concerns about some practices, specifically:

The question of who/what was true authority.

The wealth of the church.

The practice of selling “indulgences”.

He angered the church by making his concerns public.

Nailed the “95 Thesis” on his church doors (1517).

Within two (2) months, they had been printed and spread across Europe.

Subtle differences
Subtle Differences…

Heretic: Someone who argues for a change in the teachings or practices within a church.

Apostate: Someone who has removed themselves from a church.

Blasphemy: Making fun of teachings that are considered sacred to a church.

Excommunication and criminal charges
Excommunication and Criminal Charges

  • Fearing that Luther was becoming too influential, The Pope excommunicated Luther in 1521.

  • During this time, The Church and The State (government) were one-in-the same.

    • There was no such thing as “separation of church and state”.

  • Luther was kicked out of the church and then was charged with criminal charges.

  • At his criminal trial in Worms, Germany it was declared:

    • Now an outlaw.

    • Declared as a heretic.

    • His writings were banned.

    • Anyone providing him with food or shelter would be charged.

    • Anyone could kill him and not be charged with murder.

Practices the influences western civilization
Practices the influences Western Civilization

These are considered Protestant Beliefs:

  • Questioned authority – this gave others momentum to challenge the Church.

    • His followers became known as “Lutherans”.

    • Other groups would rebel and start their own churches.

  • As a priest, he married a former nun and had children.

  • Translated Bible into vernacular (common language). This made scriptures available to the people.

  • Emphasized that salvation came by faith only, not works.

  • The teaching of predestination became a core belief.

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