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Martin Luther

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Martin Luther. By cadet Chatham. This is a picture of Luther as a monk in 1520.

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martin luther

Martin Luther

By cadet Chatham


This is a picture of Luther as a monk in 1520.

Martin Luther was a catholic Monk. He started a church called Lutheran. He started this church because he did not believe that indulgences were right because they were not in the Bible. He believed that the church was ripping off their own people.


You are looking out of the window where Martin Luther was born and looking at the church where he was baptized.


Wartburg Castle where Luther was sentenced to exile.

One of the monastic cells where Luther lived at the Augustinian Cloister in Erfurt, Germany.


Mother of Martin Luther.

Wife of Martin Luther.


The Stadtkirche in Wittenberg, Germany. St. Mary's Church. Where Luther served as preacher and assistant pastor.

Statue of Martin Luther outside of a church


In his Ninety-Five Theses, posted for all to read, he explained how certain practices of the Catholic church in his day did not adhere to the Word of God. With incisive argument, he addressed corruptions and distortions of worship that kept common people from a true understanding of salvation by faith in Christ alone. 


The End

By The one and only Cadet Chatham