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  1. Preparation Instructions Reminder: Print your Notes Pages now! File > Print >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Preparation Icons

  3. Preparation Checklist

  4. Impressing Others

  5. Preview 5 minutes

  6. Learning Objective To be able to use four fundamental human qualities to make a great impression on others

  7. Agenda

  8. Logistics Focused Fast Fun Flexible

  9. Participation 50 minutes

  10. The Ingredients of Impressions 10 minutes

  11. Impressions What are they? A picture of how people see other people Feelings about other people

  12. Impressing Others Why should we care? People draw conclusions from first impressions Once made, impressions are difficult to change We can use impressions to influence how others feel about us

  13. Impressions When are they made? In the first few seconds of a first meeting

  14. Impressions How are they made? Associations made between outwardly obvious characteristics and inner qualities we believe they reflect

  15. Impressions Why do we trust them? They're the only information we have to guide our primal urge to instantly categorize people as "friend" or "foe"

  16. Compass Points What are the four key qualities of a great impression? Trustworthiness Caring Humility Capability

  17. Exercise 10 minutes

  18. I'm Impressed Break into groups of 2 or 3 (5 min). • Choose a well-know personality from art, entertainment or politics • Imagine that you are meeting them for the first time • Consider each of the four compass qualities • Discuss how and why your chosen personality impresses you on each quality Be prepared to share your perspectives with the larger group (5 min).

  19. Impression Management 10 minutes

  20. Foundations What are the basic notions upon which impression management is based? Some outward traits… • enhance all compass qualities • are toxic to all compass qualities • are toxic to some and enhance other qualities • can serve as antidotes to less desirable traits

  21. Managing Impressions What are five steps to manage our impression on others? • Learn which traits have what effect on compass qualities • Identify which traits we have • Accentuate traits that enhance all compass qualities • Eliminate traits that are toxic to all compass qualities • Compensate for potentially negative but needed traits with positive traits

  22. Impression Palette What are the seven factors we have to work with? Personal appearance Body language Voice Communication style Communication content Actions Surrounding environment

  23. Exercise 10 minutes

  24. Second Chance Break into the same groups as in the previous exercise (5 min). • Review your first impressions of your chosen personality • Consider the 7 "color" palette for managing impressions • Write a brief bullet-point "impression management plan" for the personality Be prepared to share your ideas with the larger group (5 min).

  25. Exploring the Compass 5 minutes

  26. Compromising for Great Impressions Which compass quality is most important? All are important Degree of importance depends on situation Trade-offs will be required

  27. Compromising for Great Impressions What are the four guiding rules for trading off compass qualities? No trait can be compromised with affecting other traits Never compromise trustworthiness In social environments never compromise caring or humility for capability There are no clear cut rules for professional situations

  28. Making Professional Impressions How do we decide which qualities to emphasize in professional situations? • Ask: Which qualities are most valued in our profession or position? • Ask: How do people expect others to display those qualities? • Display traits that cause others to see the qualities they value.

  29. Exercise 5 minutes

  30. How Impressive Am I? Work solo where you are (5 min). • Consider the 5 people you've most recently met for the first time • On each compass quality, estimate a ranking (H-M-L) for their impression of you • Ask yourself how you can use your impression palette to make better impressions Be prepared to use lessons learned in an action plan for yourself.

  31. Post-script 5 minutes

  32. Summary Key Concepts Questions

  33. Understanding • Knowledge Test

  34. Transfer What will we do differently? What help do we need? How will we monitor progress?

  35. Results Business value Expected impact

  36. Reaction Overall Delivery Content Practicality

  37. Impressing Others