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Charlemagne. (9:39) Grandson of Charles Martel Built an Empire from the North Sea to the Mediterranean - included most of modern France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Northern Italy

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Presentation Transcript
  • (9:39)
  • Grandson of Charles Martel
  • Built an Empire from the North Sea to the Mediterranean - included most of modern France, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Northern Italy
  • Supported by the pope / he spread Christianity throughout conquered lands
  • Re-birth of Education at Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle)
  • Founder of the Holy Roman Empire
    • Differences from the “real” Roman Empire
    • How did Charlemagne get the crown? How long did he reign
    • Effect of Charlemagne on Christianity?
  • Charlemagne’s Bureaucracy:
  • Charlemagne’s affect on Education:
  • What happened on Christmas Day, 800 C.E.:
  • What group “threatened” Charlemagne?
the vikings
The Vikings
  • Where did the Vikings come from?
  • What part of Europe did they first raid?
  • How did the “engineering” of the Viking ships make them more dangerous?
the vikings stop after 3 15 minutes
The Vikings (stop after 3:15 minutes)
  • Examples of Viking terror:
  • After Death of Charlemagne there was no one to protect the people from the Vikings.
  • What is the basis of the system of feudalism?
  • Hierarchy


A political, economic, and social system based on loyalty and military service.

  • Examples of Service:
  • Parts of a Manor:
  • Characteristics of Serfs:
  • Characteristics of Knights:
  • Training for Knighthood::
  • Purpose of Tournaments:
william the conquorer
William the Conquorer
division of the church east vs west
Division of the Church / East vs. West
  • Milennium Series Clip of the Roman Catholic Church and the Byzantine Church in the 11th Century (7:43)
  • Why did pilgrimages to Jerusalem increase during the 11th Century?
  • Who holds the keys to the doors of the Church of the Holy Sepulture? Why?
division of the church east vs west1
Division of the Church / East vs. West
  • Site of Head of the Eastern Church?
  • Site of Head of the Western Church?
  • What happened in 1054?
division of the church east vs west2
Division of the Church / East vs. West
  • What version of Christendom spread into Western Europe?
church state disagreements
Church / State Disagreements
  • Thomas Becket's Excommunication of English Lord
  • Definition of Excommunication
the effect of the plague
The Effect of the Plague
  • Bring Out Your Dead
power shifts to the people
Power Shifts to the People
  • Toward the end of the Middle Ages the power of the kings increased.
  • What happened at the battle of Agincourt?
  • We few. We lucky few. We Band of Brothers.
power shifts to the people1
Power Shifts to the People
  • Braveheart FREEDOM Speech
  • To whom did William Wallace pledge his allegiance?

Magna Carta, 1215

  • King John I
  • “Great Charter”
  • monarchs were not above the law.
  • kings had to consult a council of advisors.
  • kings could not tax arbitrarily.
  • Forced to sign by nobility
  • Originally defends rights of the nobility
end of the hundred years war joan of arc
End of the Hundred Years War Joan of Arc
  • Joan of Arc in the Battlefield
  • Joan of Arc condemned to die at the stake
end of the hundred years war
End of the Hundred Years War
  • Kings
  • Cannons
  • Questioning Authority of the Church
  • Ideas from around the World / Printing Press
cross cultural connections
Cross Cultural Connections
  • Crusades -
  • The return of Greek Science and philosophy to Western Europe via Muslim al-Andalus in Iberia
trade in europe
Trade in Europe
  • Europe’s growing population needed goods that were not available to them.
  • As foreign invasions and feudal warfare declined, trade increased
commercial revolution
Commercial Revolution
  • The revival of trade led to a revolution in commerce.
  • As trade revived, merchants needed money to buy goods. The reintroduction of money led European merchants to develop new business practices, such as:
    • setting up banks
    • joining together to set up partnerships
    • developing insurance
    • adopting the bill of exchange
social changes
Social Changes
  • The commercial revolution not only transformed the medieval economy, it also reshaped medieval society.
  • The use of money undermined serfdom. Most peasants became tenant farmers or hired farm laborers.
  • In towns, a new middle class of merchants, traders, and artisans emerged.
  • The Church forbade Christians from becoming moneylenders. Since Jews were barred from other professions, many took on this role.
  • In medieval towns, merchants and artisans formed associations called guilds.
  • Merchant guilds appeared first. They dominated town life, passing laws, levying taxes, and making other important decisions.
  • A craft guild was made up of workers in a particular occupation. To prevent competition, only a certain number of people could work in any trade.
  • Becoming a guild member involved many years of hard work.
europe and the little ice age
Europe and the Little Ice Age
  • Hoe did the Little Ice Age contribute to the decline of urban areas in this period?