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  1. Charlemagne By: Lena, Florencia, Serene, Piero & Carlos

  2. Charlemagne was 29 when he was king of the kingdom of the Franks. • He had ambitions of making his country even larger and more powerful. Charlemagne

  3. Charlemagne wasn’t the kind of king that just sat around on his throne waiting for something to happen, he used his power to put things into action. He spent most of his life at war. • He fought the Saxons for thirty years before he conquered them. • He also defeated the Lombards in Italy and the Avars in central Europe.

  4. •Charlemagne wanted to expand his country more to the east and to the west. •During the time he ruled, his kingdom was usually in war; he waged more than 50 military campaigns.

  5. Charlemagne made military service necessary, and His man knew to be ready when ever called. His leaders in each Frankish country also knew that they must provide the required number of men when ever the call went out.

  6. Charlemagne men were always to be ready for war .they had to fight with whatever weapon they owned. • Such weapons were spears bows and arrows and swords for those who had them.

  7. Charlemagne’s forces were known for traveling fast and far on their horses. On most of their military campaigns, Charlemagne traveled with his troops.

  8. Charlemagne was a fighter • He fought the Lombards, and won • He fought the Spanish, and won • He fought the Bavaria, and won • By defeating all of these civilizations, Charlemagne was expanding his empire and doing a darn good job at it

  9. Charlemagne also fought the Saxons • During the battle between the Saxons, he slaughtered 4,000 Saxons • This war was fought for 30 years ending in Charlemagne winning and taking over the Saxons’ land • Thus adding more land to his ever expanding empire

  10. Saxons marching into battle Charlemagne attacking civilizations

  11. Charlemagne was a ruthless warrior, but he had other accomplishments also. He provided a good form of government for his kingdom. The government had outdoor meetings and the way they voted was by people shouting out their agreement or disagreement. He charged taxes called tithes so that he would have the money to do stuff such as the 500 foot bridge. He also got teachers from other countries to restore schools and had monks copy books in the language of Latin.

  12. Charlemagne conquered about six countries in modern day Europe. He ruled for 47 years and died at the age of 72