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“The Rentzator”

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“The Rentzator”. By: Alli Enderle, Kayla Davis-Anderson, and Colton Bunch . Here at the A.K.C.

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the rentzator

“The Rentzator”

By: Alli Enderle, Kayla Davis-Anderson, and Colton Bunch.

Here at the A.K.C.

Amusement Park are some of the best rides in the world. But our most famous ride is The Rentzator. It is the most creepiest yet exciting ride that we have. All the kids love it, and it teaches them about the law of conservation of energy, which is a great incentive to let your parents take you to the park. Learning and having fun can be in the same sentence.


While Colt was standing in line for The Rentzator, the thermal heat from the sun was beaming down and making him swear. Colt got onto the ride and buckled in. Once the ride went up, the host told the people about how the potential energy increased as they went up. As the ride went down into a loop the host explained to the kids about how as they went down, the kinetic energy increased. She told them to remember it by saying the People go up, and their Keys come down.


The radiant energy from the sun caused the seats on the roller-coaster to become very hot, which made the ride sort of uncomfortable. As the ride went on The Rentzator went into a dark tunnel where the ride got stuck. So the host pulled out a mini flashlight from her back pocket to see where they were. Then she told the passengers that it was a temporary stop, and that they would be off shortly. She also gave them a quick fact and told the people that her flashlight used electrical energy, when it gave off light.


While we were stuck, some kid behind me decided to flick a rubber band, which hit me in the neck, and the mechanical energy in the force of the rubber band being flicked at me hurt a lot when it hit me. I turned around and asked the kid to please stop, but he begged to differ. So I just closed my eyes and wished the ride was over, because the rubber band had left a welt on my neck. Little did I know my wish would come a bit sooner than I had expected.


Finally the rollercoaster got filled up with some gas, because apparently it was empty, so that is why the ride stopped. The gas gave the rollercoaster more chemical energy, that caught on fire when a old man lit up a cigarette on the ride. The whole park burst into flames and we all died. The Rentzator killed us…