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Emergency Response and Resource PowerPoint Presentation
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Emergency Response and Resource

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Emergency Response and Resource

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  1. EmergencyResponse and Resource Building 90

  2. Emergencies to Prepare For Earthquake • During/After Bomb Threat • By Phone Fire • In-House • Wild Land

  3. BET Evacuation Procedures • Put on your BET gear and grab your belongings • Put on your BET gear and grab your belongings • Instruct people to evacuate and tell someone to pull the fire alarm • Sweep your zone • Proceed to assembly area and report sweep status to incident commander • Be prepared to take on a “designated role”

  4. BET SWEEP Procedures • Sweep assigned area • Assign someone to assist in evacuation of an injured or disabled person (if possible) • Report the sweep status to the person in charge, BET Lead or Building Manager: 1. Overall status of the assigned area(s) 2. Injured personnel • Persons remaining in the building, their status and location • Any pertinent information that would assist emergency responders.

  5. BET Assembly Area • Report the following to Incident Commander 1st – Floor 2nd – Name 3rd – Sweep status (clear, injured person & location, severe conditions, etc…) • Act as crowd controller, provide status/instructions, and assist in keeping people in assembly area and out of traffic. • Assist in providing first aid if necessary • Inform Building Manager or Emergency Team Leader if you must leave before clearance or receiving further evacuation instructions.

  6. BET Designated Roles Traffic Monitor • At the stop sign, re-route non-emergency vehicles away from building 90 • Direct them to stay out of the usual bus turnaround area in front of building 90

  7. BET Designated Roles Door Guard North – 1st floor (left side) South - Basement • Position yourself in a safe area by the entrance • Observe the entrance(s) and prohibit non-emergency individuals from entering the building until clearance • Direct your alternate to inform the incident commander if any non-emergency individuals enter the building Alternate • Report the above information • Relieve Door Guard

  8. BET Member Trainings Required Trainings • Building Emergency Team, EHS-154 • First Aid, EHS-116 • Fire Extinguisher Safety, EHS-530 Recommended Training • Adult CPR, EHS-123

  9. Important Contact Info Emergency Number: 7911 Non-Emergency Number: 6999 BET Lead (bldg 90): JoAnne Lambert x 4835 Building Manager (bldg 90): Guy Kelley x 4703 BET Lead & Building Manager for 90-trailers: Linda Brown x 6545

  10. Equipment & Supplies LETS LOCATE: Fire Extinguishers: Fire Alarms: Disaster Trauma Kit: First Aid Kit: Rescue Boxes: Assembly Area:

  11. Earthquake • Drop to the floor • Cover yourself by crawling under a desk • Remain in place until the earthquake has stopped • If it’s safe to do, collect your belongings (purse, keys, coat) • Evacuate the building to the nearest stairway, pull the fire alarm and exit • Walk along the outside wall of the stairway if firefighters/rescuers are coming up the stairs • Exit the building to the assembly area and Remain together • DO NOT re-enter the building unless instructed to

  12. Bomb Threat Telephone Threats • Remain calm and gather as much information as possible about the call/caller: time, date, age, gender, conversation, speech characteristics, background noises, # • Call 7911 • Prepare to evacuate, hide or lock doors if necessary • Remember • Do not use devices that require radio reception • Do not touch a suspicious object

  13. Fire In-House Fire • Do not attempt to put out the fire unless you are trained and comfortable • Remain calm and clear people from the area • Confine the fire (close doors) • Alert everyone and direct someone to pull the alarm • Gather your belongings (purse, coat, keys, etc…) • Evacuate the building

  14. Fire Urban-Wildland Fire • Be alert during RED FLAG days: warm temperatures with hot dry winds • Listen & follow any official announcements made via email, PA system or by phone (3N system) • Be Prepared togather your belongings and evacuate by vehicle or by foot to an announced location, or shelter in place.

  15. Stairway Safety Instructions • Bring your belongings (purse, coat, keys) • Walk quickly (remove high heels) • Stay to the outside wall of the stairway if firefighters/rescuers are coming up the stairs • Ask someone for assistance if you need help going down the stairs or remain by the stairway for a rescuer