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Warm-Up Monday

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Warm-Up Monday - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warm-Up Monday. What do you hope to learn by dissecting the shark tomorrow? Pass in your Warm-Up worksheet when done!  Last Warm-Up YAYY!!. Dogfish Shark ( Squalus acanthius) Dissection: Anatomy and Physiology. Dogfish Distribution. Female. Male. Circulation Comparison.

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warm up monday
Warm-Up Monday
  • What do you hope to learn by dissecting the shark tomorrow?
  • Pass in your Warm-Up worksheet when done! 
  • Last Warm-Up YAYY!!



why do we dissect
Why do we dissect?
  • develop skills of observation and comparison
  • discover the shared and unique structures and processes of specific organisms
  • develop a greater appreciation for the complexity of life.
dissection safety
Dissection Safety
  • Never hold specimens in your hand to dissect them; always pin them securely to a dissecting pan.
  • When using a scalpel, cut away from your body. Never cut towards your body. Always remove cap properly.
dissection safety1
Dissection Safety
  • Handle all specimens and equipment as directed
  • Perform dissection according to given directions and do not stray from these procedures without explicit consent from me!
dissection safety2
Dissection Safety
  • Always wear safety goggles and a lab apron while in the dissection lab.
student discipline
Student Discipline
  • You are not permitted to take any animal parts out of the room, joke or horse around, or eat and drink in the dissection room.
  • No mutilation of the specimen or its structures.
student discipline1
Student Discipline
  • Any violation of these rules will result in a trip to the dean’s office and a zero on the assignment.