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Interoperability & SIF: Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Interoperability & SIF: Update

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Interoperability & SIF: Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interoperability & SIF: Update. October 2006 Tim Riley, Birmingham Nick Barron, Becta Peter O'Hagan, Serco. What is Interoperability?. Systems communicating Systems working together Data flowing freely between them. Why Interoperability?

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Interoperability & SIF: Update

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    1. Interoperability & SIF:Update October 2006 Tim Riley, Birmingham Nick Barron, Becta Peter O'Hagan, Serco

    2. What is Interoperability? • Systems communicating • Systems working together • Data flowing freely between them

    3. Why Interoperability? • DfES and LAs and Schools will benefit by reducing their activity in the collection of data. • Cut down on the time schools spend on vertical reporting. • Allows horizontal reporting within schools, seamless integration for applications. • Potential to improve work flows. • Reduce integration burden with other agencies. (e.g. IS index) • GIVE TEACHERS MORE TIME TO TEACH

    4. What is SIF? Schools Interoperability Framework It is not: • A product • An application • A software package It is: • An international standard consisting of • A recognised regional data model • Robust and flexible transport mechanism

    5. Why Schools Interoperability Framework? • Already proven • Provide an open standard for data transfer • Improve standards in data authoring and quality • Quality Assured Products • Secure asynchronous transport protocol • Stakeholder driven Governance • The SIF community is an international community • we are able to draw on best practice from around the globe. • we have a valuable contribution to make.

    6. Vertical Reporting? Horizontal Reporting?

    7. Components Working TogetherHorizontal Interoperability Student Information Services • Zone Integration Server (ZIS) (Located at LA) • SIF Agents • Applications • SIF Data Objects Network Account Library Automation H.R. & Finance Food Services Data Analysis & Reporting Grade Book Instructional Services “SIF Zone”

    8. Components Working TogetherVertical Interoperability Government LA LA LA

    9. NC District Results New learner Registering for Enrolment into: *Student Information System *Directory Service Application *ID Card System *Library Automation System *Cafeteria Management System Typical School SIF School - 49 minute task - 4 minute task - 10 times data entered - 1 time data entry 45 minutes/student X 18,000 students= 6 FTE’s!

    10. Wyoming Results on State Reporting Reallocation from State Reporting • Eliminate 23 Aggregate Reports • Reduce 8 hours per school per report • Reduce hours per district per report = 70,000 hours school staff time = 18,000 hours district staff time = $1,760,000 est. state savings

    11. Becta DfES Capita Serco Netmedia Arete Link 2 ICT Birmingham LA Edustructures James Brindley Hospital School Ninestiles Community Technology College Kings Norton Boys’ School         Longwill Primary School for Deaf Children Castle Vale School and Specialist Performing Arts College Whitehouse Common Primary School Goodway Nursery Gossey Lane JI & Nursery School English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary School Calthorpe School SSC Making it Real: the UK Proof of Concept (Birmingham)

    12. Birmingham SIF POC – indicative timetable 2006 2007 July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr 90 days Certification Processes in place SIF 2.0 spec ratification Agent development kits available SIF 2.0 spec published Data movement and process review Agents certified SIF 2.0 agent development POC closure POC Data Model ratification • Initial end-to-end data movement trial: • Implement agent in 1 school • add Arête agent • synchronize agents UK / Birmingham data definition • Add DfES agent • Run vertical report Governance • Roll-out x 9 schools • End-to-end testing ZIS set-up Final ZIS config Workflow / process baselining Implement Plan Review Build

    13. Recent Milestones • Data model draft received 03/10/06. • ZIS installed in Birmingham. • Welsh Assembly and NI joined SIFA. Scotland Nov. • Becta Elected to SIFA Board. • Agent development underway. CP2 Connection test completed. • Initial meetings with the IS index. • Second POC Bids under consideration. • Governance structure populated.

    14. SIFA Board of Directors International Sub-Committee • Promote the current and future development and utilisation of the SIF standard • Represent members interests and the deliverables from the defined work groups • Deliver technical recommendations to the International Sub-Committee that will inform the Board of Directors • Propose and implement new Work Groups to the International Sub-Committee • Actively support pilot implementations including gathering shareholder involvement and feedback • DfES (Chair) Mark Phillips • Becta Paul Shoesmith • Welsh Assembly Emma Williams • Scottish Executive TBC • Northern Ireland Mary Mallon • Birmingham Tim Riley • Serco Peter O’Hagan • Capita Ian O’Donoghue • NetMedia Steven Threadgold • Arête Tony Brown • School user x 2 (one Capita school and one Serco school) Executive Director SIF UK Board Tech Board • DfES (Chair) Gwen Baulch • Arête (Vice-Chair) Tony Brown • Gatekeeper for the UK data set –e.g. CBDS, CTF • Develop UK version of SIF2 data model • Develop change control processes in the context of areas of responsibility • Develop ‘business rule’ framework to ensure data integrity and standards • Develop UK specific standards framework for data exchange between supplier platforms Data Model Task Force Data Standards Working Group • Identify and address SIF UK infrastructure needs including emerging technology capabilities • Provide technical information and support to stakeholders with the primary aim of providing interoperability solutions • Technical Governance including responsibility for the technical aspects of SIF implementation • Becta (Chair) Paul Shoesmith Infrastructure Work Group Technical and Infrastructure Working Group Certification Committee Certification and Standards Working Group • Welsh Assembly Emma Williams (Chair) • Capita (Vice-Chair) Ian O’Donoghue • Develop and implement UK specific by-laws • Oversee and maintain standards during certification • Define and implement an arbitration and mediation process in relation to SIF compliance Implementation Task Force Implementation Working Group • Develop UK specific implementation support materials guidance • Act as a ‘centre of excellence’ for SIF UK implementations • Share and evangelise good practice • Birmingham (Chair) Tim Riley • Becta (Vice-Chair) TBC Business Working Group • Promote and evangelise SIF to the supplier and wider business community • Develop and represent the interests of UK suppliers • Provide expert advice on the commercial impacts of SIF • Serco (Chair) Peter O’Hagan Learning Applications and Learning Communities Working Groups Teaching and Learning Working Group • Define and develop teaching and learning opportunities offered by SIF adoption • Identify and disseminate good practice • C2K (Chair) Mary Mallon • NetMedia Steven Threadgold (Vice-Chair)

    15. Future Events • Au/NZ UK US meeting October • POC Birmingham project board meeting • SIF UK Development Workshop Nov • Delivery SIF V2.0 ADK to UK Suppliers • DfES ZIS installation Darlington Oct/Nov • CP3 Connection Test Nov using Birmingham ZIS • Non SIFA Suppliers familiarisation Q1 2007

    16. Questions? • Becta Senior Architect • • Tim Riley LINK2ICT (Birmingham) • • Peter O’Hagan Serco Learning • • Becta SIF Project Team • More information? •