the psychodynamic approach sigmund freud n.
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The Psychodynamic Approach Sigmund Freud PowerPoint Presentation
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The Psychodynamic Approach Sigmund Freud

The Psychodynamic Approach Sigmund Freud

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The Psychodynamic Approach Sigmund Freud

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  1. The Psychodynamic ApproachSigmund Freud

  2. The Psychodynamic ApproachSigmund Freud Freud said our minds are a bit like icebergs – the part of the iceberg you can see above the water represents our conscious mind, what is underneath represents our unconscious mind. What do you think this means?

  3. The Superego The Id The Mind (Psyche) is made of 3 things: Hedonistic The Ego

  4. Ego Defence Mechanisms • Freud says that early childhood experiences linger on into adulthood. • He says that if you experience something traumatic as a child then your Ego will employ a ‘defence mechanism’ to help your psyche deal with it. This is an unconscious protective device. This image is from the film ‘Fight Club’. If you saw a violent fight when you were a child you would find it traumatising.

  5. Ego Defence Mechanisms Examples of defence mechanisms are: • Repression • Regression • Denial • Displacement • Sublimation • In small groups, choose 1 defence mechanism. • Describe what the defence mechanism does (use PP21 to help). • Create a case study (story) where a person has a traumatic experience and uses the defence mechanism to cope with it. • Photocopy your explanation and case study (story) for everyone else.

  6. To create the case study • Describe a traumatic situation that happened to the person. • Decide which defence mechanism the person uses. • Describe the behaviour of the person according to the defence mechanism they used.

  7. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  8. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  9. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  10. Name the ego-defence mechanism F*** Off You B***! F*** Off Mum! Boo Hoo, but I love you! But I’ve done nothing wrong!

  11. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  12. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  13. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  14. Name the ego-defence mechanism

  15. Group Work: Make Display Posters on: • The id, the ego and superego. Describe each one. Give examples of how each would view sex. • How Freud presents the psyche and what this is made up of (the iceberg!). Describe what is in the conscious and unconscious psyche. • Task 3, M2 part. Identify the ego-defence mechanism she is using. Describe how this would affect her behaviour and her health, how it would impact on family members (husband, twin girls aged 16, son aged 8). How they might feel and respond to her coping mechanism. • List all 10 ego defence mechanisms. Describe in your own words what each of them mean. Give a NEW example for one of the defence mechanisms.