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Office of the Sheriff

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Office of the Sheriff
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  1. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Office of the Sheriff 2014 Budget Sheriff Kevin J. Joyce Chief Deputy Naldo S. Gagnon

  2. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Budget Overview • Add a Deputy from a COPS grant to • payroll 10/12 of a year • Detective Position • Inmate Telephone Recording • Specialist/Investigator • Overtime Budget

  3. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Total Budget Increase $16,804.00 Personnel Services: Wages Employee Benefits * Inmate Telephone Specialist/Investigator ($55,159.00) Administration/Support Services

  4. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Administration/Support Services Inmate Communications Specialist/Investigator • 2011 Pilot Project funded by US Attorney’s Office (Project Safe Neighborhoods) • All inmate telephone calls are recorded • Designed to provide access to inmate telephone calls to various law enforcement agencies for various reasons. • Witness tampering • Crimes committed by inmates while in jail • Other criminal conduct (hiding kids, drug needs by inmates, violence that has or may occur in jail, inmates strong arming other inmates for commissary)

  5. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office 2012: 721 Cases/57 internal cases 36 Drug trafficking/Prison Contraband 13 Inmate food smuggling from kitchen 5 Witness Tampering 3 Inmate Assaults Assist with the conviction of a double homicide 426 telephone recordings downloaded and sent to various agencies Administration/Support Services

  6. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office 2013: January 1-August 14, 2013 498 Cases/70 internal cases 38 Drug trafficking/prison contraband Possible escape of a convicted murderer Witness Tampering Inmate Assaults D-board violations Inmate strong arming for commissary Death investigation of inmate housed in CCJ Sexual assaults of two female prisoners by female inmates 393 telephone recordings downloaded and sent to various agencies Administration/Support Services

  7. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Agencies served: Cumberland County DA, Cumberland County DV Investigator, Scarborough PD, So. Portland PD, Portland PD, Probation and Parole, Maine State Police, MDEA, DHHS, DEA, AG’s Office FBI, ATF, ICE, Secret Service, Gorham PD, Rochester NH PD, Kittery PD, Tennessee AG’s Office, US Marshal’s Office Federal Probation, Windham PD, Bridgton PD, Lewiston PD, Biddeford PD, York County SO, Falmouth PD, Yarmouth PD and Massachusetts State Police. Administration/Support Services

  8. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Total Budget Increase $255,057.00 Personnel Services: ADD-Deputy from COPS grant $45,032.00, plus benefits ADD-Administrative Assistant position $35,400, plus benefits. Teamsters Contract Increase-2% Employee Benefits and Taxes-$94,756.00 Operations & Maintenance: Overtime-Increase by 3% Law Enforcement Division

  9. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Part 1 Crimes

  10. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Yearly Calls for Service

  11. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office CID Statistics Started tracking Sex Offenders in 2008

  12. Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Civil Process Division Total Budget Increase: $2,974.00 Personnel Services: • AFSCME Increase 2%