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Book2 Unit 1

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Book2 Unit 1
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  1. Book2 Unit 1 综合英语精品课程组 李晓东

  2. I. Time Allotment 8II. Teaching Objectives and Requirements 1. To understand the main idea, structure of the text and the author’s writing style 2. To master the key language points and grammatical structures in the text 3. To consider that “generation gap” as a common phenomenon between parents and children

  3. III. Key Points and Difficult Points in Teaching 1. To understand the main idea, structure of the text and the author’s writing style 2. Vocabulary learning 3. Understanding the theme “The affection of my father”

  4. V. Teaching Process Warming up 1.Don’t postpone what you can do today till tomorrow. 2. Just do it.

  5. An integrated analysis of text I My Father’s Shadow1. Cultural background generation gap Generation gap is a popular term used to describe wide differences in cultural norms between members of a younger generation and their elders. This can be defined ads occurring “ when older and younger people do not understand each other because of their different experiences, opinions, habits and behaviors.”

  6. 2. Pre-reading questions --- Whom do you go for help when youare in trouble, your father or your mother? Why?--- Do you think there is generation gap between you and your parents? How to bridge the gap?--- What causes generation gap.

  7. 3. Give a structural analysis of the text I As a reminiscent writing the text tells of how the author’s newborn baby bridges the gap between her father and herself as the generation gap between her father and herself has existed for so long a time. By telling the reader how the gap disappears the author intends to display the permanent love between parents and children.

  8. 4. The passage can be divided into five partsPart One: (Paragraphs 1) As an introduction, the first paragraph supplies the basic information for the whole story--- the cold relationship between the author and her father.

  9. Part Two: (Paragraphs 2-4) The threeparagraphs elaborate on how theirproblems arose from their different personal preferences and how these differences have developed into a kind of “cold war”(silence). It is a flashback into the author’s early years.---The second paragraph lists a number of her father’s unreasonable demands in her childhood and adolescent time. ---The third paragraph is about her option of college and marriage against her father’s will. ---The fourth paragraph describes the result of their clashes—they are both psychologically and physically set apart.

  10. Part Three: (Para. 5-6):In paragraph 5, the author recalls her childhood when she enjoyed her father’s profound love. This recall is important, because it only shows the father is capable of parental love, but also suggests the author’s yearning to turn the clock back and be her father’s little daughter again.Paragraph 6 returns to the present moment when, after long years of estrangement, the author cannot but wonder whether her father will extend his love for his “little daughter” to his crossbred grandson.

  11. Part four: (Para. 7-13): These paragraphs concern about the author’s observation about the initial reaction of her parents in their reunion, and the father’s affection for his grandson is described in paragragh10-11, the next two paragraphs come to be aware of her father’s real state of mind and readers can naturally expect the tension to melt slowly during the rest of the author’s stay. Retell the paragraph 8 using the following words ---greet, peer at, shriek, step back

  12. Part five: (Para. 14-15): These two paragraphs serve as a conclusion of the story. The author depicts the profound emotional attachment between her father and her son in the following years—their companionship in the plays and the old man’s frequent visits to New York

  13. 6.Language pointsApprehension 1)anxiety about the future, expectation of something unpleasantE.g. We waited for them with a great of apprehension. 2) apprehensive adj.E.g. I must admit that before my baby was born I was apprehensive about motherhood

  14. Stern 1)serious, strict, severeE.g. the college principal was a stern old Scotsman called Mr. Fraser.2)sternly adv.E.g. When she did not answer he said sternly and coldly, “Do you understand me?”

  15. Femininetypical of a woman, especially in a way that is graceful or attractiveE.g. Nowadays many women rejected the old feminine roles of wife and mother.E.g. “How did you know I was lying?”“Call it feminine intuition”

  16. Mingle To mix so as to form an individual whole, while keeping separate qualitiesE.g. As I spoke his expression was one of amazement mingled with fury.E.g. She mingle tradition and originality in her design. Follow in someone’s footstep To follow an example set by someone in the pastE.g Charles’s children will follow in his footsteps and go to the same school

  17. Subsequent 1) following or happening afterE.g. In subsequent lessons the teacher made clear what she had said at the beginning. 2) subsequently adv.E.g. They started their research using a method which was subsequently proved to be unsatisfactory.

  18. Estrangement 1)causing (esp. people in a family) to become unfriendly towards each other.E.g. His estrangement from his brothers and sisters made his wife and children confused and puzzled. 2)estrange v.E.g. Steve became increasingly estranged from his wife and children.

  19. Flood To arrive at (in) large numbersE.g. Requests for information flooded in after the advertisement.E.g. Tourists flooded into the city.

  20. Uniform 1)the same or consistent, as from example to example or from place to place; constantE.g The air-conditioning system maintains a uniform temperature throughout the building 2)uniformity n.E.g. most modern housing developments show a tedious uniformity of design.

  21. 8.Task--- Making up a story with 12 words and expressions out of the words and expressions listed below: mission, stern, mingle, resonate, disapprove of, permanent, estrangement, instant, unconditional, cautiously, shriek, in alarm, mother instinct, wail, tension, uniform --- Interview a father and ask how he gets along well with his children. Write a Report --- Write an article entitled The Gap Between My father and Me

  22. ★Text II 1. Main idea of Text 2 The writer used to be very much attached to her mother, who, she thought, was the one to hold them together. Assuming no one could ever replace her mother after her death, the writer found, little by little, to her surprise, that she and father had more in common than she had ever imagined. And her father’s deep love for her made her realize that he had become her new Mum.

  23. From the whole story we know that the writer’s father is a devoted husband and a fond father with a lovely sense of humor. He was also sentimental, sensitive and understanding.

  24. 2. Topics for discussion:--- What kind of man is the writer’s father?--- Explain the title “My New Mum Is …My Dad”.--- Whom are you more sentimentally attached to, your father or your mother? Why?