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UNL For Families. Presented to the Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Conference May, 2006. Program Goal. Develop accessible research-based resources that can be used to meet local-level needs of youth and families. Family Strengths.

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Unl for families

UNL For Families

Presented to the Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Conference May, 2006

Program goal
Program Goal

  • Develop accessible research-based resources that can be used to meet local-level needs of youth and families.

Family strengths
Family Strengths

  • Based on research conducted by John DeFrain, Nick Stinnett and others.

  • American Families Survey is validated through research with more than 24,000 families is 27 countries.

Family strengths perspective
Family Strengths Perspective

  • Families are the basic foundation of human culture.

  • All families have strengths.

  • It’s not about structure, it’s about function.

  • Strong marriages are the center of many strong families.

  • If you grew up in a strong family, it will probably be easier for you to create a strong family.

Family strengths perspective cont
Family Strengths Perspective (cont.)

  • The relationship between money and family strength is shaky.

  • Strengths develop over time.

  • Strong families don’t think about it, they just live them.

  • Strengths develop in response to challenges.

  • Strong families are not perfect.

  • Strong families are where humans feel safe, comfortable, happy and loved.

Family strengths1
Family Strengths

  • Appreciation and Affection

  • Time Together

  • Commitment

  • Positive Communication

  • Ability to Cope with Stress and Crisis

  • Spiritual Well-Being


  • Interested communities formed local UNL For Families Planning Teams

  • Teams identified needs and developed a plan for implementing Family Strengths Model

  • Teams selected programs to best meet their needs

  • On-going communication among Teams


Family Resource Centers

Community Action Teams

Juvenile Diversion Programs


Governmental Agencies

Youth Serving Organizations





Program examples
Program Examples

  • Eat with your Family Promotion

  • UNL For Families Tool Box

  • Family Nights

  • Learn-at-Home Modules

  • Workshops

  • Web-Based Activities

Program examples1
Program Examples

  • Tips to Improve Parenting Skills

  • Video and Audio Tapes on Strengths

  • Fact Sheets

  • Web based learning: www.unlforfamilies.unl.edu

Program examples2
Program Examples

  • Family Strengths Satellite Training - DVD

  • Family Treasures: Creating Strong Families


  • News Releases

  • Television Spots

  • Radio Program

  • Powerpoint Presentations

  • Educational Programs

  • Electronic Messages

Making a difference
Making a Difference

  • 42 UNL For Families Planning Teams are working statewide

  • Over 1/3 of Nebraska (560,000) were reached with research-based information on families

Making a difference1
Making a Difference

  • 93% of those participating in Family Fun nights indicated that they used a skill they learned to strengthen their family.

  • UNL For Families website had 54,000 hits in 2005

Making a difference2
Making a Difference

  • 1,500 participated in at least 3 hours of educational programs.

  • 88% increased their knowledge of how to strengthen their family.


  • Interested communities form local Family Planning Teams

  • Teams identify needs and develop a plan for implementing Family Strengths Model

  • Teams select and/or develop programs to best meet needs


  • Develop marketing and dissemination plan

  • Evaluate impact


  • UNL for Families website provides:

    • research-based information on family strengths

    • ready-to-use program ideas for youth and family activities

    • examples of marketing strategies

    • additional resources that can be tailored to local needs


  • See handout for further program description, located at: