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TEA Legislative Update. Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas. John Lopez Managing Director Instructional Materials and Educational Technology. 81 st Texas Legislative 2009 Session.

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Presentation Transcript

TEA Legislative Update

Textbook Coordinators’ Association of Texas

John Lopez

Managing Director

Instructional Materials and Educational Technology

81 st texas legislative 2009 session
81st Texas Legislative 2009 Session

State Board of EducationConforming / Non-ConformingCommissioner’s ListElectronic TextbooksState Board of Education / CommissionerOpen Source Textbooks

Proclamation 2010Midcycle 2010Proclamation 2011Midcycle 2011Supplemental Science High SchoolSupplemental Science Middle School



Legislative Appropriations Request(LAR)BaselineStart with current appropriationsMust reduce by 10%Any additional needs requires an exceptional item

Instructional Materials Funding

FY2010 and FY2011 AppropriationsFY2010 Continuing Contracts $173,189,983 FY2011 Continuing Contracts $174,323,862 FY 2011 Proclamation 2010 $465,313,321Total $812,827,166

Textbook Funding

From arra 361 592 500 from general revenue 451 234 666 base
From ARRA $361,592,500 From General Revenue $451,234,666 (base)

Textbook Funding

Projected Appropriations RequestFY2012 Proc 2011 (new products) $490,076,473 Continuing Contracts $190,028,908 FY2013 Continuing Contracts $203,102,528Total $888,170,896

FY2012 and FY2013Biennium

Projected Appropriations RequestFY2012 Proc 2011 (new products) $490,076,473 Continuing Contracts $190,028,908 Supplemental Science MS/HS $60,000,000FY2013 Continuing Contracts $203,102,528Total $943,170,896

FY2012 and FY2013Biennium

Proclamation 2011 $495MPreK Systems with Spanish Components and Teacher EditionEnglish Language Arts 2-8Spanish Language Arts 2-6Handwriting Spelling ESL K-8ESL Teacher Resources K-8Speech 6-8English I-IV

Instructional Materials

Supplemental science 60m biology chemistry physics ipc science grades 5 8
Supplemental Science $60MBiologyChemistryPhysicsIPCScienceGrades 5 - 8

Instructional Materials

Proclamation 2012 science postponed indefinitely estimated at 347m
Proclamation 2012SciencePostponed indefinitelyEstimated at $347M

Instructional Materials

Proclamation 2011 A publisher that offers digital versions of a print program must bid the versions separately All digital programs must be platform neutral Publishers of electronic programs are to offer a price for statewide license Publishers are to provide a digital version of all teacher materials Publishers are to provide ancillaries electronically

SBOE Action

Proclamation 2011 - Reduce CostsNovember 2010 SBOE meeting Best and Final Pricing (effort to reduce pricing) Intent to bids due December 10

SBOE Action

Hb 4294
HB 4294

Electronic Textbooks

  • Established Commissioner’s List

  • Materials were reviewed by a panel of experts

  • Commissioner Rules have been approved

Hb 42941
HB 4294

Electronic Textbooks

  • Commissioner shall update the list

  • Commissioner can remove materials from the list

  • Must be recommended by a panel of experts prior to removal

Hb 42942
HB 4294

Electronic Textbooks

  • State will pay for electronic textbooks on Commissioner’s list

  • District’s may choose from either the SBOE list or the Commissioner’s list

Hb 42943
HB 4294

Electronic Textbooks

  • State textbook funds can be used to purchase technological equipment

  • Technological equipment used to support instruction for digital content

Hb 42944
HB 4294

Electronic Textbooks

Section 5 (C-1)

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, a school district or open enrollment charter school must purchase a classroom set of textbooks adopted by State Board of Education


  • Classroom set

  • Remaining eligible funds can be used to purchase electronic textbooks from the Commissioner’s list

  • Remaining eligible funds are calculated into textbook credits

Commissioner s list
Commissioner’s List

  • AWARD Publishing

  • iStation

  • Compass Learning

  • APEX Learning

  • Achieve 3000

  • A+Rise

  • Glencoe/McGraw Hill

  • Pearson Longman

Open source textbooks
Open Source Textbooks

(HB 2488)

  • Electronic textbook available for downloading free of charge

  • Costs may be incurred if district orders printed copies

Open source textbooks1
Open Source Textbooks

(HB 2488)

Allows the State Board of Education to adopt an open-source textbook at the secondary level

Open source textbooks2
Open Source Textbooks

(HB 2488)

  • Districts shall annually certify to the SBOE and Commissioner that content covers the TEKS

  • For all subject areas at the secondary level

Open source textbooks3
Open Source Textbooks

(HB 2488)

  • SBOE will place on conforming/ nonconforming list

  • Written by university faculty

  • Eligible university determines the level of qualifications with TEKS

Open source textbooks4
Open Source Textbooks

(HB 2488)

  • Allows the Commissioner of Education to purchase a state-developed textbook

Open source textbooks5
Open Source Textbooks

(HB 2488)

  • Property of the state

  • Commissioner shall provide a license to school or district

  • Commissioner shall seek to recover costs for developing, revising and distributing open source textbooks

Attorney general s opinion1
Attorney General’s Opinion

  • Does a classroom set apply to lower grades? Yes

  • Can a university open source textbook qualify as a classroom set? Yes

  • Can a nonconforming textbook qualify as a classroom set? Yes

Attorney general s opinion2
Attorney General’s Opinion

  • Does the right to take home a textbook extend to classroom set? Yes

  • Can the SBOE refuse to place an open source book on the conforming or nonconforming list? No

  • Can the SBOE fine or sanction a university as a publisher? Yes

Attorney general s opinion3
Attorney General’s Opinion

  • Is a district eligible for textbook credit if it selects an open source textbook? Yes

  • Who owns technological equipment? The state does not own the equipment.