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RC Camera Car P14226 9/12/13 PowerPoint Presentation
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RC Camera Car P14226 9/12/13

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RC Camera Car P14226 9/12/13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RC Camera Car P14226 9/12/13
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  1. Tim Southerton Brian Grosso Matthew Morris Lalit Tanwar Kevin Meehan Alex Reid RC Camera CarP142269/12/13

  2. Agenda Items • Team Information • Problem Definition • Background Information • Application to RIT Customer • Use Scenario • Stakeholders • Engineering Plans • Customer Requirements • Engineering Requirements • Project Constraints • Requirement Mapping • Project Schedule • Moving Forward

  3. Team Information

  4. Problem Definition • Project Goal: • Build a RC car platform controlled remotely with intuitive controls and visual feedback that can be expanded to demonstrate Controls to college students. The project needs to be captivating and able to demonstrate multidisciplinary engineering innovation at various RIT events this year and into the future. • Deliverables: • RC Car Platform with Cameras and Sensors • Driving Station with Control • Equation of Motion of the System • Characterizing Parameters of the System • Source Code for Low Level Processing • Interface for Student Coding • Preliminary Differential Drive Code • Supporting Documentation

  5. Background Information • Student-initiated project idea from DPM • Strong need for RIT engineering projects to be enticing to wide audience • Project generated as a platform for future project applications: a simple, fun, and highly-modifiable project http://makezine.com/2010/08/07/real-rc-cars-meet-racing-arcade-act/

  6. Application to RIT Customer • Currently difficult to demonstrate need for feedback in Controls coursework • Simulation could be assisted with tangible project work for students • Project platform to be developed to meet this need and be further modified in the future to expand coursework to new areas http://www.mbandf.com/medias/parallel-world/2012/Bondcars/5_Ford%20Mustang%20Mach%201_AMC_hornet_b.jpg

  7. Use Scenario

  8. Stakeholders • Customer: Dr. Juan Cockburn • Controls Professor, RIT, Computer Engineering (CE) • Sponsors: • RIT CE Department, Multidisciplinary Senior Design (MSD) • Freescale Semiconductor, ARM • Event Attendees: • Imagine RIT • Freescale Cup • Various Campus Symposiums and Workshops • MSD Team • Future RIT Researchers • Future RIT MSD Teams / Prospective Students

  9. Customer Requirements Additional New Priorities

  10. Engineering Requirements

  11. Project Constraints

  12. Requirement Mapping • Customer / Engineering Req. Mapping Notes: • All customer needs addressed with metrics • Redundant customer needs removed • Engineering Requirements Mapping Notes: • Fun aspect of car performance needs to be balanced with user ability and technological limitations • Major cost drivers will be control distance and camera characteristics • Higher quality components will directly increase how users like the product and where else it can be used

  13. Requirement Mapping (cont.) • Benchmarking Notes: • Project unlike many benchmarks due to novel idea • Off-road components are more robust & higher cost • Chassis can be modified to increase robustness • Battery life to be increased to handle electronics • Relative Weighting Notes: • Measurement sensitivity is very important • Learning curve time matters for demonstrations • Budget and speed are concerns controlled by constraints

  14. Project Schedule • Preliminary schedule drafted for project • 61 Items Identified for Project, which will probably be reduced to increase usefulness • More information will be available for scheduling following Sponsor meeting (Oct 2-3) and further analysis • Lack of ISE on team leads to no familiarity with scheduling or Microsoft Project, but we are getting team members up to speed

  15. Moving Forward • Focus on System and Subsystem Evaluation • Establish basic understanding of controls from Faculty • Establish Freescale component availability • Test and document available components

  16. Questions • Feedback on the project idea and how we can make it better is always welcome! • Do you have any suggestions to make our schedule better? • Would you like to see our House of Quality?