Human geography advanced placement hgap school supplies
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Human Geography Advanced Placement (HGAP) School Supplies. Mrs. Blasingame. HGAP students will need a few items by the end of the first week of school—so please plan now.

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Human geography advanced placement hgap school supplies

Human Geography Advanced Placement(HGAP)School Supplies

Mrs. Blasingame

Hgap school supplies

HGAP students will need a few items by the end of the first week of school—so please plan now.

All of the items needed, I found at Wal-Mart, but of course, choose wherever you want to shop and whichever brand name you prefer.

I am only showing examples as a guide.

HGAPSchool Supplies

Hgap school supplies1

#1. Students will need a two inch binder with see-through panels on the front, spine, & back. This will be used to file their HGAP papers in my classroom.

The binder will be a personal file of the student’s accumulated papers and will stay in my classroom where students will be able to use their accumulated papers on a percentage of the Test questions each week.

Students will also use the binder for a Project/TEST grade at the beginning of the year and two other Project/TEST grades, one, at the end of each Semester. I will give students more information about the Project/TEST when they attend class.

HGAPSchool Supplies

Hgap school supplies2

#2. Students will need to bring one package of loose-leaf, wide-ruled, notebook paper.

HGAPSchool Supplies

Hgap school supplies4

#4. Students will need to bring ONE box of tissue. Copy paper.

My students usually go through a couple of boxes of tissue per week, so if every student will contribute one box, it will be greatly appreciated.

I will supply the Germ-X or soapless hand wash, so students can take care of their needs quickly and not miss-out on class time.

HGAPSchool Supplies

Hgap school supplies5

#5. Students will need one package of pencils. We will TEST weekly, so the students will need #2 pencils for their scantrons.

The district will supply the scantrons.

HGAPSchool Supplies

Hgap school supplies6

In my classroom, healthy snacks are always welcomed --- just be sure to clean-up after yourself and make sure your drinks have a lid, so we can limit spills. I want all synapses firing and dendrites and temporal lobes functioning --- 

HGAPSchool Supplies



Hgap school supplies7

  • Although healthy snacks are allowed --- Sunflower Seeds are NOT allowed, especially in their shelled form.

  • The snack simply requires too much of the student’s participation in the act of eating the snack, and I want students participating in class --- not spitting sunflower seeds. Save it for outdoor events .

  • Bottom-line --- nothing messy.

  • Shopping List:

  • Binder, two-inch size with see-through panels

  • Notebook paper, wide-ruled

  • Copy Paper --- 1 pkg.

  • Tissue --- 1 box

  • Pencils --- #2 pkg.

HGAPSchool Supplies