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Pablo Casals PowerPoint Presentation
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Pablo Casals

Pablo Casals

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Pablo Casals

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  1. Pablo Casals

  2. He played the piano, violin, and organ. Pablo Casals

  3. Pablo Casals was born on December 29, 1876 and he died on October 22, 1973. Born in El Vendrell, Catalonia, Spain.His father, Carlos Casals I Ribes, was a parish organist and choirmaster and gave instruction in piano, song, violin, and organ. At age four, Caslas could play the piano, violin, and flute.

  4. Pablo Casals Conducting

  5. In 1893, a Spanish composer Isaac Albeniz heard him playing in a cafe and gave him a letter of introduction to the private secretary to Maria Cristina, the Queen Regent in Madrid Spain. He was asked to play at informal concerts in the palace and was granted a royal stipend to study composition.

  6. A concert at which Pablo might of played at

  7. In 1895, he went to Paris, where he earned a living by playing second cello in the theater orchestra of the Folies Marigny. The next year, he returned to Catalonia and in 1897, he appeared a soloist with the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and was awarded the Order of Carlos lll from the Queen.

  8. Pablo Casals at work.

  9. In 1888 Pablo’s mother took him to practice in Barcelona. He practiced for 3 years. He won many awards and prizes for his talents.

  10. Pablo won many trophies even though they didn’t look like that

  11. Sometime in 1890, while Casals and his father were in a Barcelona bookstore, he found a volume of Bach's six suites for solo cello. Previously the suites were considered merely musical exercises, but Casals saw in them as something better. He studied and practiced the suites every day for a dozen years before performing

  12. Pablo Casals found the suites at a library.

  13. In 1899 Pablo played at the Crystal Palace in London. He later played for Queen Victoria at her summer residence. He appeared as a soloist at a prestigious concert. He obtained public and press success.

  14. Pablo Casals performing for the Queen.

  15. In 1903 he toured South America. In 1904 he was invited to play at the White House for Theodore Roosevelt. In 1914 he married the American socialite and singer Susan Metcalfe they were separated in 1928.

  16. A picture of the White House where he performed

  17. Pablo added to his career Pablo organized, in Paris a concert trio. He played with Alfred Cortot and violinist Thibaud. They played concerts together until 1937. In 1950 Pablo continued his career as a conductor until he died on October 22, 1973.

  18. A picture of Alfred Cortot