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LeuchTek GmbH Hamburg, Germany. Lighting in Greenhouse. www.LeuchTek.de. Benefits of supplemental lighting. Higher yield, more vigorous leading to a lower risk of disease and aiding the process of biological control Full year-round production is possible

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Leuchtek gmbh hamburg germany

LeuchTek GmbH

Hamburg, Germany

Lighting in Greenhouse


Benefits of supplemental lighting
Benefits of supplemental lighting

  • Higher yield, more vigorous leading to a lower risk of disease and aiding the process of biological control

  • Full year-round production is possible

  • Fruit tends to be more consistent in terms of quality and taste.

  • Less disease and fungi problemsEnergy is used more effectively and overall use/kg of product will be lower.

  • Increase CO2 and irrigation cycles

  • Stronger and quicker root development

More light more growth
More light, more growth

  • The general lighting saturation level can be as high as 115000lux, which from a practical point of view, cannot be achieved. Thus normally always more light, more growth.

  • But more lighting increases the cost

  • Reasonable payback would appear to be possible for an installation producing 6,000 to 15,000 lux.

Typical applications
Typical Applications

  • Propagation.Seeding, Plant raising, Eggplant,(Aubergine), Cucumber, Sweet pepper,Tomato

  • Bedding Plants. Ageratum, Antirrhinum,snapdragon, Begonia, Dianthus,carnation, Gazania, Impatiens, Pelargonium, geranium, Petunia

  • Potted Plants. Kalanchoe,Chrysanthemum, orchids

  • Cut Flowers. Alstromeria,Roses,Gerbera

Influece of supplemental lighting
Influece of supplemental lighting

  • Following slides show some research/practical results in terms of supplemental lighting in greenhouse. Most of them are extracted from academic papers.


  • Tomatoes cultivated in the Netherlands, lit with 10,000 lux can produce 92 kg/m2 annually, and with 15,000 lux it is possible to produce 104 kg/m2.

  • When production is unlit the harvest Is about 59kg/m2.

-- Harry Stijger

Leuchtek gmbh hamburg germany

  • With supplementary lighting the production was 24% higher than the control.. the development of axillary buds was promoted, the number of flowers with inferior quality was less. There was no influence of supplementary lighting on the total number of flowers.C. Vonk Noordegraaf, SUPPLEMENTARY LIGHTING AT THE ROSE CV 'SONIA'

  • An increase in the lighting period (LP) enhanced the number of flowering shoots by 12% and fresh weight per shoot by 5%.MORTENSEN L. M. „Influence of air humidity and lighting period on growth, vase life and water relations of 14 rose cultivars“


Influence of CO2 + HPS lighting combo   

Additional practical information
Additional practical Information

  • 18 to 20 hour/day ( day length + supplemental ) lighting time can be very helpful

  • For a rough calculation, each 10m2 /600W can reach 6000lux. (Distance 2-3m)

  • Each 1000lux lighting can increase the temperature of greenhouse 0.7degree

  • 1 Micromol (umol)=7.62 FC(foot candle)=81.9lux

Lamp and application
Lamp and application

MH lamp has high efficiency, close nature sunlight thus suitable for stadium, malls. Crops has nature look but not high yield.

Fluorescent lamp has good efficiency, suitable for seeding, leaf lettuce, spinach

Incandescent lamp has low efficiency, high temperature, short bulb life time

HPS lamp has very high efficiency, used in less color critical applications such as parking lots, street lights and horticultural lighting.

The orange/red spectrum helps to produce larger harvests of higher quality fruits or flowers.

Kelvin Color Temperature

Note: High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp and Metal Halide (MH) lamp all belong to High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. It needs a driver, i.e. ballast.

Magnetic vs electronic ballast
Magnetic vs. Electronic ballast

Energy-saving up 58%

Prolong Bulb lifetime

We focus on the electronic ballast only!

Leuchtek gmbh hamburg germany

LeuchTek GmbH

& Products

Leuchtek your partner in greenhouse lighting
LeuchTek, your partner in greenhouse lighting

  • LeuchTek is a dynamic player in agricultural supplemental lighting

  • Especially LeuchTek offers HPS electronic ballast

  • Located in Hamburg, service for European market

Products for greenhouse
Products for Greenhouse

PLG602,402 series (600w, 400w)

PLG601,401 series (600w, 400w)

PLG2-3 reflector

PLG603,403 series (600w, 400w)

PLG2-4 reflector

PLG1200,800 series (1200w, 800w)

Available 230V 50Hz / 120V 60Hz

Our strength
Our Strength

  • The only product which is certified by TUV-GS, UL, FCC

  • RoHS compliance tested and passed

  • Second prize winner of Hortifair 2003

  • 4 international patents

  • Best quality/price rate; state-of-art design

Convenient and robust connection box

Leuchtek gmbh hamburg germany


If you need quotations or rough designs, please contact us

LeuchTek GmbH

Hans-Henny-Jahnn-Weg 17

22085 Hamburg, Germany

Tel: +49 40 23495747

Email: info@LeuchTek.com