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Process Approach Model

C4. Process Approach Model. Planning. Common Services Framework. Decision-Making. Annual Work Plans & Reports. Country Team. CS Implementation Plan. Integrated Options Report. Directive. Operations Management Team. Planning. Assessment. Management. Signed Agreement. Task Forces.

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Process Approach Model

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  1. C4 Process Approach Model Planning

  2. Common Services Framework Decision-Making Annual Work Plans & Reports Country Team CS Implementation Plan Integrated Options Report Directive Operations Management Team Planning Assessment Management Signed Agreement Task Forces Technical Input Technical Input Technical Input Continuous Process

  3. Management Assessment Decision-Making Scope Timing Indicators Planning Resources Roles

  4. UNCT Integrated Options Report Decision-Making • Scope – What? • Timing- When? • Indicators- Proof? • Value Added- Why? • Roles- Who? Planning • Scope • Timing • Indicators • Resources • Roles Low Detail High Detail HOW

  5. The Plan Timing Resources Scope Indicators Roles This is the business case that fleshes out the detail that is implied in the Integrated Options Report

  6. Scope Timing Scope Timing Indicators Resources Roles • Deliverables • Service requirements • Technical considerations • Timeframe • Service requirements

  7. Indicators Resources Roles Scope Timing Resources Roles Indicators • Performance indicators • (Outcomes & Outputs) • Baseline and Targets • Budget & Financial implications • Rights and obligations of partners • Management & Accountability • Change management • Operational/recurring costs • Estimations of cost savings • Resource mobilization • Disbursement mechanisms • Cost apportionment • Physical Assets • Human Resources

  8. Implementation Schedule (Who, will do what, by when with what means?)

  9. GROUPWORK 1. Revert back to your list of new CS developed earlier (ASSESSMENT) 2. Using the elements of PLANNING – work on these new CS and provide a summary of activities for each of the elements outlined. 3. If time permits, draft an Implementation Schedule for one of the new services

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