world history and u s history lesson plans n.
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World History and U.S. History Lesson Plans PowerPoint Presentation
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World History and U.S. History Lesson Plans

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World History and U.S. History Lesson Plans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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World History and U.S. History Lesson Plans. October 24, 2012. Knowledge for College. Knowledge for College Activity.

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knowledge for college activity
Knowledge for College Activity
  • Education costs are higher than they've ever been at nearly $20,000 per year in state and close to $30,000 per year for out of state colleges. By the time you graduate from college costs will rise even further. How do you plan to pay for college? Create as detailed of a plan as possible including types of scholarships and how you are preparing yourself for them, or loans and how you would pay them back, or parental contribution, etc.
class agenda
Class Agenda

World History

U.S. History

Students will use glossary to create flashcards for the following:

sod house, Homestead Act, Pacific Railway Act, Morrill Act, Frederick Jackson Turner, Benjamin “Pap” Singleton, Exoduster, dugout, James Oliver, bonanza farm

Complete the End of Section Assessment Review numbers 2-4 (write both question and answer).

Students will complete the Chapters in Brief handout after Knowledge for College Activity

  • Determining Main Ideas

What challenges did the Sumerians face, and how did they solve them?

  • Comparing and Contrasting

How was the religion of Egypt different from the religion of Mesopotamia?

  • Analyzing Causes and Recognizing Effects

Why did the pharaohs of Egypt build large tombs?

  • Clarifying

What was special about the cities built by the people of the Indus Valley?

  • Determining Main Ideas

What new idea of kingship did the Zhou rulers bring to China?

supplemental resources
Supplemental Resources
  • Example of a flashcard (size = 2” width by 2” height)

Sod House

a house built of strips of sod, laid like brickwork, and used especially by settlers on the Great Plains, when timber was scarce.


World History 10th grade

U.S. History 9th grade

Among the seventy colleges and universities which eventually evolved from the Morrill Acts are several of today's historically Black colleges and universities.

How did the Morrill Act boost the Nation’s respect and desire for education and higher learning?

Complete a peer evaluation of how well or how poorly you believe your class performed on the Map, Poster, and EssayPlease include a self evaluation as well. Click link below to see project description.

Civilization Project 2012

extended response extra credit use toulmin model 5 paragraphs or more
Extended Responseextra credit(Use Toulmin Model 5 paragraphs or more)
  • If your doctor told you that you had only a few months to live, how would you alter your way of life? Discuss.
  • Do college students benefit from participation in extracurricular activities? Explain.
  • Each year, many teenagers run away from home. What do you think are the chief causes?

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