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Mary Throughout the Ages

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Mary Throughout the Ages
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Mary Throughout the Ages

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  1. Mary Throughout the Ages

  2. The Marian Age 1830 – apparition to Catherine Laboure and devotion to the MiraculousMedal 1840 - Sister Justine Bisqueyburo receives the devotion of the Green Scapular 1846 - La SaletteApparitions 1848 – Founding of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Many other religious communities devoted to Our Blessed Mother were born at this time 1854 – Dogma of the Immaculate Conception proclaimed 1858 – apparitions at Lourdes – confirm the proclamation of the dogma 1917 – apparitions at Fatima 1950 – Dogma of the Assumption defined and proclaimed Marian popes! All the popes of this age are openly devoted to the Blessed Mother, with John Paul II especially so. You will need to know what his shield is…

  3. Marian Apparitions • Our Lady of Guadalupe • Our Lady of Lourdes • Our Lady of Fatima

  4. Our Lady of Gudalupe -1531 -Juan Diego -Hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City - The conversion of over 9 million Indians is attributed to this event. Miraculous appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Spoke to Juan Diego, asked him to have a church built. The Archbishop wants a sign so Mary tells Juan Diego to pick flowers in December. When he reveals his tilma…

  5. Our Lady of Guadalupe Miracles • Tilma is made form coarse fibers which should have deteriorated within 30 years, it is in pristine condition 500 years later. It has also survived acid and a bomb • Pigments of the picture do not come from any known substances • No brush strokes or sketches exist, it is almost like a photo. • The tilma maintains a temperature of 98.6 degrees F. • Heartbeats have been rumored to be heard • Microscopic views of Mary’s eyes show the image of a man; a reflection of what she saw: Juan Diego and the people around him.

  6. Our Lady of Guadalupe Symbolism -Starts on her mantle match those of actual constellations as seen in the night sky on that very day. • Designs of her dress match the landmarks of Mexico • “A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet” Revelation 12:1 • The Aztec word “quetzelupe” (sounds like Guadalupe) means “one who crushes the serpent.” A main Aztec god Quetzalcoatl was depicted as a snake.

  7. Our Lady of Lourdes • 1858 • St. Bernadette • Lourdes France • Mary appears to Bernadette, “I am the Immaculate Conception” (dogma was just promulgated in 1854). Miraculous spring bubbles up and still exists today. Over 4000 unexplainable healings have been attributed to the water.

  8. Our Lady of Fatima 1917 Francisco, Jacinta, Lucia Fatima Portugal Six times Mary presented herself to Francisco, Jancinta and Lucia, calling for the reform of the people and a chapel to be built in her honor. Mary revealed three “secrets” to the children about the world.

  9. Our Lady of Fatima Secrets • Vision of hell • Prediction of WWI ending, and prediction of WWII beginning unless Russia was consecrated to Mary. • Prophecy of 20th c. persecutions including the assassination attempt on JP II.

  10. Our Lady of Fatima Miracle of the Sun On October 13, 1917, a rainy overcast day where over seventy thousand people witnessed “the sun appearing as a disk that gave off various colors and could be looked at without difficulty; it spun like a fireball and looked as it would fall to the earth” (Dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima). The awestruck onlookers discovered their wet clothes dry and local newspapers recorded the astrologically unexplainable event