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Bike Cellphone Charger PowerPoint Presentation
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Bike Cellphone Charger

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Bike Cellphone Charger - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Bike Cellphone Charger. Chris Battaglia (ME) Ajeetesh Govrineni (EE) Kellen Warriner (IE). Project Summary and Background. Old Design. Second generation project (see right) Design a bicycle cell phone charger for use in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries

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Presentation Transcript

Bike Cellphone Charger

  • Chris Battaglia (ME)
  • Ajeetesh Govrineni (EE)
  • Kellen Warriner (IE)

Project Summary and Background

Old Design

  • Second generation project (see right)
  • Design a bicycle cell phone charger for use in Haiti and other underdeveloped countries
    • Includes generator, breadboard, and phone holder
  • Total material cost should be <$15 and manufacturable on-site in Haiti
    • No heavy machinery used (lathe, mill, etc)
  • Time needed to charge a phone must be reasonable for the user
    • Nokia and Blackberry phones. Primarily target is the former
  • Design must be simple, robust, easily repaired/replaced, and adjustable

Our Design


Design Summary

Consists of two main sub-assemblies

  • Generator Housing
      • Generator is enclosed in plastic cylindrical housing with shaft extending out
      • Shaft is held against the tire of the bike, friction turns the shaft
      • Held to bike frame via two rubber-lined clamps joined with a bolt and wing nut

Consists of two main sub-assemblies

  • Phone Holder
      • Contains breadboard and power connector
      • Comfortably holds Nokia and Blackberry phones and adjoining cables
      • Attached to handlebar of bike with two Velcro strips

Product Performance & Information

  • Half-charged a Nokia phone in 25 minutes
    • Takes approximately 6-8 hours of continuous use to deplete the battery
    • Requires 1-4 hours (based on speed) to fully charge a phone
    • Approximately 1:2 Work to Use Ratio on average


Generator + Housing


Connecting Power Cable

Frame Attachment


USB Cable

Phone Holder + Breadboard


Customer Needs and Results

Quantitative Objectives

Qualitative Objectives





  • Current/Voltage test
    • Output at various speeds
    • See above graph
  • Rough road test
    • Road bike on rough terrain, checked generator positioning
  • Impact test
    • Drop test
  • Environmental Damage test
    • Water and dust test

Suggestions for Future Work

  • Better means of holding the nub of the generator shaft against the tire
    • Optimize potential output
    • Simplify installation
  • Cheaper components / overall cost reduction
    • Certain items are large contributors to the overall cost
      • Powerjack Cable, etc
  • Better generator? Remove breadboard?