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Dear Pharaoh

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Dear Pharaoh
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  1. Dear Pharaoh By Jill Wood

  2. Background King Tut, though young, experienced quite a bit before his life tragically ended in his late teens. He still had a lot to give to the Egyptian society! Since Tut is currently here in the United States, we decided to get his take on one of the major parts of Egyptian culture— mummification….

  3. Dear Tut, Yesterday, my bestest friend in the world told me that she wanted to be mummified when she died. This totally freaked me out! I mean, she’s only 11 and all. So, what exactly is mummifying, and what’s going to happen to her? Sincerely, Confused in Cairo

  4. Dear Confused, I can understand your concern; however, this is a fairly normal practice in Ancient Egypt. Mummifying is really nothing more than preserving the body to ensure a safe journey into the afterlife. Here are the steps in the process:

  5. Organ Removal • They take out all the organs ‘cept the heart, and put them in canopic jars for use in the afterlife • They’ll break the person’s nose, jam a hook up there, scramble the brain, and pour it out the nose Gross, huh?

  6. Dry out the Body • The body is dried out to get rid of all the water • Anything that dries the skin, such as extreme cold, heat, or natron (a form of salt), can be used • If natron is used, the body is packed with it

  7. Bandage Application • The body will then get wrapped up in linen • Religious symbols will be painted on her bandages • Spells are said during this process • The body is then put in a sarcophagus along with any of her stuff she might need in the afterlife

  8. The whole thing is really no biggie. Egyptians do it all the time. Actually, it is quite an honor to have the cash to be mummified—only the Egyptians with the bling get to do it. My advice is to not get too freaked about it—chances are that you and your friend will live a long and happy life…..and afterlife! Sincerely, King “T-Kham” Tutankhamun

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