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Queen Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh PowerPoint Presentation
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Queen Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh

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Queen Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natalie R. Bonner. Queen Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh. Queen Hatshepsut was possibly the earliest great woman in recorded history.

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natalie r bonner
Natalie R.


Queen Hatshepsut: The Forgotten Pharaoh

who was she

Queen Hatshepsut was possibly the earliest great woman in recorded history.

She ruled during Egypt’s 18th Dynasty circa 1479-1485 B.C.

She was the daughter, and oldest child, of king Thutmose I. She married her half brother Thutmose II and became his Queen Consort.

Circa 1479 B.C., Thutmose III became king, but since he was a baby Hatshepsut became Queen Regent

Who was she?
a woman in a man s world
A woman in a man’s world
  • Hatshepsut took the throne as her own.
  • Became Pharaoh, and acted as a man, dressed as a man.
  • Ruled for twenty-two years.
  • She is one of the founders for the temples at Luxor and Karnack, and her most renowned work was the Temple Deirel-Bahri.






erased from history
Erased from history
  • Thutmose III became king and Pharaoh of all of Egypt upon Hatshepsut’s death.
  • Thutmose III ordered that Hatshepsut’s name and image be “removed from every part of Egypt.”;_ylt=A0SO8zzDaW9SA3UA_39XNyoA?p=queen+hatshepsut+erased+from+history&fr=slv1-hptb6&fr2=piv-web


the search is on
The search is on!
  • June 2007-Dr. ZahiHawass and his archaeological teams would discover this queen, who was chiseled out of history.
  • After Mitochondrial DNA samples, and 3D CAT Scans, the team was able to narrow it down to two possible women.

what was lost now is found
What was lost, now is found.
  • Dr. Hawassdecided to scan a canopic box, the only thing found in Hatshepsut’s tomb with her name on it.
  • The CAT Scan revealed a tooth in the canopicbox.
  • The radiologist was able to piece image of tooth to the image of the mummy missing a molar…perfect fit!

meet queen hatshepsut pharaoh of egypt
Meet queen hatshepsut, pharaoh of egypt.