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Dust it Off!! HACCP PowerPoint Presentation
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Dust it Off!! HACCP

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Dust it Off!! HACCP
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Dust it Off!! HACCP

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  1. Dust it Off!!HACCP

  2. Why HACCP? It’s a big name, that seems to be scaring a lot of people, but what it means to us in School Food Service is… • A food safety program that must be based on HACCP guidelines. • A properly designed and monitored system that ensures the products we serve and the preparation, storage and holding of those products is done in the safest possible way.

  3. Why HACCP? Remember – We are doing a great job in School Food Service and we want to support that with HACCP. • It provides a defense for us, against complaints and legal action. • It focuses on food and places the responsibility on Food Service Employees to serve safe food to the children. • It raises our professionalism to the next level. • HACCP is a good thing, it’s a preventative program!!

  4. Why HACCP? • We serve a high-risk group of people – young children, pregnant mothers and sometimes the elderly. • We serve more meals in the shortest amount of time, than any other restaurant. • Helps keep the program in compliance with government regulations. • Keeps a school food authority continually involved in self-inspection and self-improvement.

  5. Why HACCP? • Prime example of why we need this…. • A small school in the state of Washington, Findley School District, was sued because 11 of their students suffered symptoms of E. Coli after eating under cooked taco meat in their school lunch. • The school district served approximately 120,367 meals a year and their gross sales were $326,714.

  6. Why HACCP? • When it was all said and done, the judgment against them was for…$4,750,000.00 !!! • Do we all need a food safety program in our schools?? • YES!!

  7. Making HACCP Work for You • Critical Success Factors for HACCP • Proper preparation and planning • Trained and educated people • Belief in the approach by all personnel • Shared commitment to food safety

  8. Verification Methods • Initial Verification • On-going Verification • Reassessment of HACCP plan

  9. Initial Verification • Have we identified all hazards? • Will HACCP plan control those hazards to ensure safe food? • It is also helpful for a third party to look and see if plan is complete.

  10. Ongoing Verification • To ensure the integrity of our HACCP plan. • Employees provide feedback if HACCP plan is unrealistic. • Supervisors will review logs and procedures daily, weekly, and monthly.

  11. Ongoing Verification • Monitor temperature taking procedures. • Corrective actions are being recorded for improper temperatures of foods cooked, refrigerators and freezers.

  12. Reassessment of HACCP Plan • Things change rapidly in school districts • Menu Change • New Food Products are available • Construction of a New School • Old School renovated • New employees • Purchase a new piece of equipment

  13. Reassessment of HACCP Plan • Any of those changes may require a change in our HACCP plan. • For this reason, we need to have an annual review of our plan to make sure it meets our current needs.

  14. HACCP Team • What verification is needed for the school district? • When that verification will occur? • How verification procedures will be documented?

  15. Procedures to be Monitored • Hazard Analysis • Standardized Recipes • Employee Performance of Tasks • Food Flow/Processes • Critical Control Points • Monitoring Records

  16. Procedures to be Monitored, cont. • Documentation of Corrective Action • Thermometer Calibration Records • Equipment Calibration Records • HACCP Plan

  17. Make the Verification Process Go Smoothly • Monitor in a careful and accurate manner. • Document the results of monitoring that you do. • Take appropriate corrective action. • Provide feedback on problems that need to be addressed.

  18. Checklist for Verification • Contains points that may be considered during assessment • Helps maintain focus and objectivity • Acts as a record of assessment

  19. HACCP Advantage Prerequisite Programs + HACCP Plan + Management Commitment = The HACCP Advantage